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October 2022

B J McNaughty 14

The big celebration for October is Halloween, with hundreds of events held in strip clubs across the country, reaching a crescendo at the end of the month. Don't forget the many feature entertainers putting on special shows for this horror fest, including "always down to clown" BJ McNaughty (pictured above). You can see her this month at:

Hustler Club, St. Louis IL, 29th September - 1st October;

The Mouse's Ear, Knoxville TN, 14th & 15th October;

Sapphire Times Square, Manhattan (NYC), 21st October;

Exxxotica Expo, New Jersey, 21st - 23rd October; and

Hustler Club, Shreveport LA, 27th - 29th October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Think Pink

Many are cognizant with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, and pink is the theme, to help bring people's attention to this devastating illness. However, this month is also National Kink/Kinky month, and it's Ride His Face month too!

Plus, there are plenty of big happenings to go to this month:

Nightmoves Fanfest & Awards, Florida, 5th - 9th October;

Miss Exotic Oregon, Portland, 7th October - 25th November;

Exxxotica Expo, New Jersey, 21st - 23rd October; and

Fantasy Fest, Florida, 21st - 30th October.

Feature Entertainer Appearances

Feature Entertainers such as talented Showgirls and adult film stars, travel around the USA (and internationally too), making guest appearances at Strip Clubs. You can see our full calendar of Feature Entertainer Appearances, putting on shows just for you, in USA clubs here. There is enjoyment to be had in the anticipation, so here's a titbit to snack on:

Natasha Nova 100722

Strip Club Events

Strip clubs provide a party atmosphere every day & night they're open, with many themed and exciting events planned throughout the year. For October, events likely to be celebrated at strip clubs in the USA include:

World Hoop Day & International Music Day (1st), End of Oktoberfest & Feast of Guardian Angels Day (2nd), National Boyfriend Day (3rd), National Taco Day (4th), National Get Funky Day (5th), National Mad Hatter Day & National Plus Size Appreciation Day (6th), National Motocycle Ride Day & Universal Music Day (8th), Indigenous People’s Day (aka Columbus Day) & National Boob Cake Day (10th), No Bra Day (13th), Sweetest Day (15th), International Fisting Day (21st), International Artist Day (25th), Naked Pumpkin Run Day (26th), National American Beer Day (27th), Frankenstein Friday (28th), Frankenstein Day (30th), Halloween (31st), and Day of the Dead (31st October - 2nd November).

Check out our full calendar of scheduled Strip Club Events, across the USA, here. There is always plenty to see, lots to enjoy, and sometimes the possibility to participate! Here's a highlight:

Mouses Ear Johnson City TN 100722

SCE Blog

Our blog has the latest news regarding adult nightclubs in the USA, plus a range of articles covering quotes, jokes, sexy facts, and naughty word definitions - all for your enlightenment and edification, such as:

Recent Blogs

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Click here to visit our blog but be sure to check back regularly, as the articles only hang around for a few weeks or so.

Strip Club Music

Hot Pick

This is our top pick from the newest hot releases, who knows what might become the next best strip club anthem ever...

"Lokita" by Natti Natasha & Maria Becerra (Latin/Reggaeton/Dance) released 30th September:

Back on 11th August Vikina & 11APE released "Bad Girls," here they are at E11even in Miami FL:

Go here for our hottest picks of all the newest tracks, covering all musical genres, that are particularly suitable for USA strip clubs. 

Strip Club Classic

Who can forget the immortal line: "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun." Check out this 2014 Rap/Hip Hop track "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj:

Go back in time and discover, or rediscover, more strip club music classics here

New Strip Clubs

A brand-new club, The Industrial Loft was scheduled to open for the weekend commencing 30th September/1st October in Fort Wayne IN. Unfortunately, this had been delayed but we expect they'll be opening their doors very soon.

Industria lLoft Fort Wayne IN

What was the "VIP Show Club" in Marion IN, is now the "Rebel Dolls Cabaret," and they had a grand opening for the weekend beginning Thursday 22nd September: 

Four new Peppermint Hippo clubs in IndianaMissouri, and Arkansas (2 clubs) are being (or about to be) remodeled.

Plus, Klub 24 in Miami FL, looks set to finally open (or is it reopen!).

More details on all these openings can be found here.

Strip Club Specials


Help in the fight against Breast Cancer by visiting the Huslter Club, Washington Park (St. Louis), Illinois. 

Get $5 off entry throughout October, by wearing pink at:

Deja Vu Showgirls in Saginaw, Michigan, and Jaguar's in Abilene, Texas.

Deja Vu Saginaw MI October2022
Jaguars Abilene TX October 2022

Free entry before 12am throughout October at Scores, Stone Park (Chicago), Illinois.

Scores Stone Park Chicago IL October 2022


The Hustler Club in Nashville TN have their annual food drive, "Cans for Cans." Make a non-perishable food donation between 1st & 19th November and get free entry.

Other Resources


Premiered on 10th September 2022, at the Toronto International Film Festival, "The End of Sex" is a romantic comedy about a married couple. With a sex life that has become routine, it follows a spate of sexual adventures they pursue, during a week of being "child-free", providing "laugh-out-loud" moments.

Find out more about the movie here.

Details of books, movies, etc. are in our "other resources" section, found here.

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Feature entertainer Tiny Texie at the Chicago Exxxotica Expo earlier this year.


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