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April 2021

April is certainly Bunny season as demonstrated by feature entertainer Annie Lane, pictured above (and you can see her live at Bare Assets in Melbourne FL for the 22nd - 24th April). As spring is firmly with us the temperatures should begin to rise this month and while the heat increases outside you can be assured it is always hot, hot, hot, in a strip club near you. Go make a visit and feel the heat for yourself.

Strip Clubs Reopening

With the coronavirus continuing, make sure any strip club you intend to visit is open before you go. Also ensure you are aware of, and be ready to comply with, the restrictions that are in place at your chosen venue. These restrictions vary from club-to-club, as they are based on specific local requirements. Remember the cardinal rule: Mask up so you can see them strip down!

"I get Lockdown, but I get up again" - the following are details of clubs scheduled to reopen soon:

Friday 16th April

Centerfolds, San Francisco, California.

Thursday 6th May

Making Hour Place Your Place, Jay, Maine.

Strip Clubs Opening

Omnia Blue GC

Omnia Blue Gentlemen's Club, in St. Petersburg FL, had a soft opening at the beginning of February and are now ready for a Grand Opening party on Thursday 15th April. They're offering a free buffet with free drinks, and even some free cigars, not to mention dance specials all night long!

Omnia Blue (Tel: 727-914-6346) can be found at 340 1st Avenue (North), St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 (the previous site of Club Lust). Check out their website Omnia Blue Gentlemen's Club and follow them on social media: Facebook or Instagram. They are open 7 days a week from 12pm to 3am.

The Playground Cabaret

News has filtered in that a new club, The Playground Cabaret, was due to open on Friday 9th April in Seattle, Washington. We do not have any details to contact them, (i.e. website, telephone or social media) so we are unable to confirm if they have opened at: 7509 15th Avenue (NW), Seattle, WA 98117 (the site previously held by the Sands Showgirls). If anyone has any information regarding the opening, please let us know.

Pink Pony

The Pink Pony in Tampa FL will be moving, but only a mile or so down the road. Their new site is at 5215 Lois Avenue (North), Tampa, Florida 33614 and they expect to be opening there on Thursday 15th April - we wish them well in their new "home".

Feature Entertainer Appearances

Feature Entertainers such as talented Showgirls and adult film stars, travel around the USA (and internationally too), making guest appearances at Strip Clubs. See our full calendar of Feature Entertainer Appearances, putting on shows just for you, in USA clubs here. There is enjoyment to be had in the anticipation, so here is a titbit to snack on:

Strip Club Events

Strip clubs provide a party atmosphere every day & night they're open, with many themed and exciting events planned throughout the year. For April, events likely to be celebrated at strip clubs in the USA include: Easter (4th); New Beer's Eve (6th); National Beer Day (7th); and Patriot's Day (19th).

Check out the full calendar of scheduled Strip Club Events, across the USA, here. There is always plenty to see, lots to enjoy and even the possibility to participate in! Here's a highlight:


Bambi Wilde

It's always a terrific delight to see Feature Entertainer Bambi Wilde, and here's a showcase put together by DJ Shawn Mellon for you to enjoy...

Strip Club Music

Recent Releases

Here's our monthly pick of new music suitable for, or already making head way in, strip clubs around the USA...

Robin Schulz & Felix Jaehn and "One More Time" (feat. Alida): 

Time for a little country with "I Can't Stay Away from You" by Cheyenne Parmley:

S:ure to make some inroads, here's "Body" by Elderbrook:

Strip Club Classic(s)

The German heavy rock band Scorpions had many hits across 3 decades (1960's - 1990's) and "No One Like You" was one of them. Released from their 8th album in 1982, it made it to No.1 in the US Rock Charts and has stayed around as a perennial favorite:

KaktuZ HIT RemiX of "No One Like You" was released last month, giving it an updated dance beat. Now not everyone like updates of classics, but it certainly introduces golden oldies to a potential new market...what do you think?

Strip Club Specials

By way of customer appreciation, Club 390 in Chicago Heights Illinois, is providing a free buffet every Tuesday evening from 4pm to 7pm through April.

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