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February 2021

February is the month of love and romance, with Valentine's Day up front and center, helping to set the mood - as does Feature Entertainer Rubber Doll (shown above). Love is a beautiful thing and, no matter how much we have, we all need more of it in our lives. In the environs of a strip club, it may not always be recommended to fall in love with a stripper but, it's always important to show them love and consideration. This means the way you talk and behave with an adult nightclub entertainer should always be courteous, pleasant, and respectful. This, along with making it rain, is the right the way to show your love for performers at a gentlemen's Club. Go spread the love today my friends.

Strip Clubs Reopening

With the coronavirus continuing, make sure any strip club you intend to visit is open before you go. Also ensure you are aware of, and be ready to comply with, the restrictions that are in place at your chosen venue. These restrictions vary from club-to-club, as they are based on specific local requirements. Remember the cardinal rule: Mask up so you can see them strip down!

"I get Lockdown, but I get up again" - the following are details of clubs scheduled to reopen soon:

Friday 26th February 2021

Great Alaskan Bush Company, Phoenix, Arizona;

Michael's Men's Club, Broussard, Louisiana;

Tony's Place, Baltimore, Maryland;

Leather & Lace University, Charlotte, North Carolina;

Paper Doll Lounge, Charlotte, North Carolina;

The Gentlemen's Club, Charlotte, North Carolina;

Tassels Cabaret, Matthews, North Carolina;

Golden Dragon Exotic Club, Portland, Oregon.

Monday 1st March 2021

Club Risque, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New Strip Clubs Opening

Crazy Girls Cabaret - 24th February 2021

A new club, Crazy Girls Cabaret, opens today Wednesday 24th February from 11.30 am. Go check them out, specials include: $7 Steak & Fries (all day, every day) and 2-4-1 premium mixed drinks (11.30 am - 6pm).

The new club is based on the site previously home to Bliss Showclub, and can be found at 1926 Deer Valley Road (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85027 (about 19 miles north of the city center, by the Phoenix-Deer Valley Airport). They have the basic outline of a good website already up & running (Crazy Girls Cabaret) and can also be found on Instagram (@crazygirlscabaret). If needs be, you can also reach the club by telephone: 623-289-7780.

Silhouettes - February 2021

A new club, Silhouettes, is set to open this month in Rhode Island. Unfortunately we do not have any contact details (website, social media or telephone number) or a definitive opening date to share yet, except for their address: 245 Allens Avenue, Providence, RI 02905. However, the new operators of this site also run Wonderland Gentlemen's Club, just 200 feet down the road at 257 Allens Avenue.

For those who know the area, the new Silhouettes site is well known as a strip club venue. Previously it was the 'Wild Zebra' (with the building painted grey with black zebra stripes) and prior to that as "Cheaters" aka "The Pink Building" (because, no surprise here, it was painted pink). We wish the club a very bright future in it's new reincarnation and in the safe hands of an experienced management team.

Feature Entertainer Appearances

Feature Entertainers such as talented Showgirls and adult film stars, travel around the USA (and internationally too), making guest appearances at Strip Clubs. See our full calendar of Feature Entertainer Appearances, putting on shows just for you, in USA clubs here. There is enjoyment to be had in the anticipation, so here is a titbit to snack on:

Alaska Galore, Annie Lane, Bailey Fox, Michelle Lynn, Ms. Parker & Pixie Raye.

Strip Club Events

Strip clubs provide a party atmosphere every day & night they're open, with many themed and exciting events planned throughout the year. For February, events likely to be celebrated at strip clubs in the USA include: Super Bowl (7th); White T-Shirt Day, hopefully in the guise of a wet t-shirt contest (11th); Valentine's Day (14th); Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras in Spanish and Fastnacht in Dutch/German (16th); National Margarita Day (22nd); and World Bartender Day (24th).

Check out the full calendar of scheduled Strip Club Events, across the USA, here. There is always plenty to see, lots to enjoy and even the possibility to participate in! Here's a highlight:


Raven Kali

Although this is from 2 years ago, we think this is beautiful videography, music, and of course, a stunning performance by feature entertainer Raven Kali...

Nickademus & Lucky Ladies

Rapper Nickademus has a brand new song out, "Put It On Ya" featuring Dat Boi Maxxx. So why is this under V-Log's and not Strip Club Music below? Well, the female talent in the video are performers from the Lucky Lady Lounge in Evansville IN. Give it a play and check 'em all out!

Psychology: Strip Down, Rise Up

Look out for the Netflix documentary which came on on the 5th February called "Strip Down, Rise Up". Its focus is looking at a group of ladies who come together and heal through the sensuality of pole dancing. This may not sound interesting to some but, it does highlight a powerful message I often encounter from strip club entertainers that can be paraphrased along the lines of: Stripping (& Pole Dancing) lets me take ownership of my sensual side and elevates me, even to a meditative state where I'm lost in myself and the performance. View the trailer to see for yourself.

Strip Club Music

Recent Releases

Here's our monthly pick of new music suitable for, or already making head way in, strip clubs around the USA...

Arguably the most recent sensation, and has been for the last month or so, is "Body" by Meagan Thee Stallion. This is, and of itself, a sexy song but have you heard the Joel Corry Remix, an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) version of this...

Sticking with an EDM theme for this month, we're liking "We're burning Up" by dEvole:  

Electronic Body Music (EBM) is a sub-genre of EDM (originating from Germany in Europe) and is closely allied to Aggrotech and even Industrial Metal. This piece, "S E X" by Aesthetic Perfection (featuring Sebastion Svalland), is a fusion of these styles...

Strip Club Classic(s)

"Self Control" by Laura Branighan was released in 1984 and, believe it or not, was banned by MTV! We guess this is a testament to how things are a little more lax today (even if it doesn't feel like it). Interestingly Branighan's hit single was actually a cover, having first been released by Italian artist Raf in the same year (and doing particularly well in Italy, Germany & Switzerland)..

A few years ago, "Self Control" was covered by Kendra Erika (Fulmer) and it has been "popping"  in and out of the limelight since. Well now there's a new Sextronica After Dark remix version of it, and we really like it - have a listen for yourself. 

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