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September 2021

As Summer begins to fade, September 22nd marks the Autumnal Equinox and heralds the start of Fall, making September a bridging month between the two seasons. We love the amazing picture of Feature Entertainer Rubber Doll (above) as it captures the essence of this seasonal change. Another indicator of this yearly transformation, and perhaps the biggest celebration this month, is Labor Day (6th).

Did you know? September is Bourbon Heritage Month.

Feature Entertainer Appearances

Feature Entertainers such as talented Showgirls and adult film stars, travel around the USA (and internationally too), making guest appearances at Strip Clubs. You can see our full calendar of Feature Entertainer Appearances, putting on shows just for you, in USA clubs here. There is enjoyment to be had in the anticipation, so here's a titbit to snack on:

1 night only, Shar Zayn at Cheetahs Pompano Beach FL for Thursday 30th September. 

Strip Club Events

Strip clubs provide a party atmosphere every day & night they're open, with many themed and exciting events planned throughout the year. For September, events likely to be celebrated at strip clubs in the USA include: Labor Day (6th), Beer Lovers Day (7th), Wonderful Weirdo's Day (9th), Policewoman Day (12th), Mexican Independence Day (16th), Batman Day, Dance Day & Oktoberfest starts (18th), Talk Like A Pirate Day (19th), Bunny Day & Lace Day (25th), & Drink Deer Day (28th).

Check out our full calendar of scheduled Strip Club Events, across the USA, here. There is always plenty to see, lots to enjoy and even the possibility to participate in! Here's a highlight:

New Strip Club Openings

Power Cabaret

Previously known as the Crazy Horse, Power Cabaret at 1438 St. Clair Avenue (North East), Cleveland OH44114 has undergone a complete remodel. The final touches are being made as you read this, and while no definitive date has been set, it's anticipated to open this month or possibly October.

Fuller details of new strip clubs in the USA who have opened recently, or who are about to open, are detailed here.

Strip Club Music

Hot Picks

Here's our choice of the hottest new releases, you may hear in strip clubs around the USA...

"Hurricane" by Offenbach & Ella Henderson (Pop/EDM) released 16th September 2021:

"Lalisa" by Lisa (Pop/Korean/Rap/Hip Hop) released 10th September 2021:

All our hottest picks of the newest tracks, from all musical genre's and particularly suitable for USA strip clubs, can be found here.

Strip Club Classic

In honor of World Bollywood Day (24th September), here's a very popular song (often used for belly dancing & even twerking). Originally from a  2004 Bollywood film (and titled "Saaki Saaki"), the song (retitled to "O Saki Saki") was revised and updated in 2019 for the Bollywood film "Batla House". The song is sung by Tulsi Kumar, Neha Kakkar & B. Praak and the musical track has been recreated/rewritten by Tanishk Bagchi. However, one might say the sizzling on screen performance of Nora Fatehi really seals the deal, as over 420+ million YouTube views might attest:

Go back in time and discover more strip club music classics here

Other Resources

Book: I Was a Stripper Librarian

Published in July 2021, "I Was a Stripper Librarian" is an autobiography by Ypsilanti based Kristy Cooper, detailing several years in her life at the turn of this century. Whilst working on her Masters degree at the University of Michigan she turned to work as a stripper, to fund her education, before finally becoming a full time Librarian.

"I was a Stripper Librarian: From Cardigans to G-Strings", by Kristy Cooper (pictured above), is an inspiring and enticing read available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Find details of books, magazines, movies and websites, surrounding the Adult Nightclub world, in our "Other Resources" section.

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Go check out this snippet of house dancer Nova at Club 390 in Chicago Heights IL