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13th July 2019

2nd August 2022

There are a total of 44 strip clubs to be found in Arizona, with around three quarters (30) of them in the center of the state, and all but two of these being in Phoenix and it's metropolitan area.

Besides one club in Bullhead City, in the West of the State, the remaining are found in the South: 9 in Tucson (South Central), and 2 in Yuma (South West).

The vast majority of the clubs are topless venues and serve alcohol, although there are some exceptions - detailed below - including three fully nude with alcohol and several joint venues (with full nudity and no alcohol and topless with alcohol, in the same establishment).

Apache Junction (Phoenix)

This medium sized city spans Maricopa and Pinal counties, and is about 37 miles to the East of Phoenix (a little south of the center of the State) and is part of it's metropolitan area. Near by Superstition Mountain, Lost Dutchman's Goldmine and Goldfield Ghost Town are all popular tourist attractions. 

The Desert Flame club is found just over 3.5 miles to the West of Apache Junction.

Desert Flame

Address: 11145 Apache Trail (East), Apache Junction, Mesa, Arizona 85220.

Telephone: 480-984-1400

Bullhead City (Fort Mohave)

This City is in the West of the State, on the border with Nevada, and almost on the border with California. It is in Mohave County, sitting on the Colorado river, and is approximately 90 miles south of Las Vegas (Nevada).

Dream Girls is a fully nude club but does not serve alcohol, and is to be found, about 9 miles South of the City in Fort Mohave.

Dream Girls

Address: 5410 State Highway 95, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Arizona 86426

Telephone: 928-577-2626

Chandler (Phoenix)

This medium sized City in Maricopa County is a little south to the center of the State and is about 27 miles South East of Phoenix (and considered to be part of it's metropolitan area).

Sonny's is about 2.5 miles to the South of the center of Chandler.

Sonny's Gentlemen's Club

Address: 19011 Arizona Avenue (South), Chandler, Arizona 85248

Telephone: 480-963-6632

Glendale (Phoenix)

This medium sized City in Maricopa County is a little south to the center of the Sate, and is about 9 miles North west of Phoenix.

The Xplicit and Coyote clubs are to the West of Glendale, either side of Luke Air Force Base, while Christie's is more to the North West (about halfway between Glendale and Paradise Grove Family Park). Depending on where you are based, Phoenix (see below) and it's surrounding areas, may provide alternative clubs to visit.

Xplicit Showclub

Address: 11701 Glendale Avenue (West), Glendale, Arizona 85307

Website: Xplicit Showclub

Telephone: 623-872-1365

Christie's Cabaret (Glendale)

Address: 6789 Northern Avenue (West), Glendale, Arizona 85303

Website: Christie's Cabaret

Telephone: 623-937-7465

Coyote Cabaret

Address: 13724 Glendale Avenue (West), Glendale, Arizona 85307

Telephone: 623-935-7335


Payson Town is about 90 miles North East of Phoenix, in Gila County, in  the center of the State (and is often referred to as "The heart of Arizona").

The only strip club in the area is not in Payson itself, but about 5 miles to the North East of the town (about two thirds of the way towards Star Valley). The whole area is surrounded by National Forest and is a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pete's Place Cabaret

Address: 4145 State Highway 260 (East), (Star Valley), Payson, Arizona 8554

Website: Pete's Place Cabaret

Telephone: 928-474-9963 or 219-306-0745


Phoenix is the capital and largest City in the state, and with over 1.5 million residents it is the 5th largest in the United States. Based just slightly South of the center of the State, with 19 clubs, it has the highest number of venues in Arizona. The Clubs are well dispersed across the city and not really too centrally located:

To the North you'll find Bandaid's (2.5 miles out just before the Phoenix Country Club);  Cheetahs (about 4 miles out, past the Phoenix Country Club) followed by The Hi Liter (5 miles out). Centerfold's Cabaret is 12 miles out (by North Mountain Shaw Butte), and 19 miles out is the Candy Store (near Paradise Valley Community College) and Crazy Girls (by the West perimeter of Phoenix-Deer Valley Airport).

To the North West you'll find Jaguars (3.5 miles out) and the Great Alaskan Bush Company (4 miles out). 5 to 5.5 miles out there is a group of clubs: Chicas, Dirty's, Kandies & Eve's Tease (broadly in the Alhambra area), and situated approximately half way between Phoenix & Glendale.

To the West is El Tubo Tubo, about 4.75 miles out, towards Catalina Village.

To the South you'll find T&A Cabaret, 2.5 miles out, towards South Phoenix. To the South East you'll find V Live 6.5 miles out, to the South East of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, making this club closer to Tempe than Phoenix.

To the East is Blue Moon & Christie's Cabaret (3.5 miles out) and Le Girls (7.5 miles out, by the Carraro Cactus Gardens, and almost to Tempe).

To the North East is Bourbon Street (about 5.5 miles out, towards the Camelback East area) and Sugar 44 (8.5 miles out, past the Camelback East area and, half way to Scottsdale).

Le Girls Gentlemens Club is fully nude and serves alcohol. Blue Moon Lounge, Eve's Tease and El Tubo Tubo are also fully nude but do not serve alcohol. The Great Alaskan Bush Company and Centerfold's Cabaret are dual sites offering different sections for topless with alcohol and nude without alcohol.

Bandaid's Showclub

Address: 2548 7th Street (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Website: Bandaid's

Telephone: 602-254-0811

Blue Moon Gentlemen's Club

Address:  2911 Van Buren Street (East), Phoenix, Arizona 85008

Website: Blue Moon

Telephone: 602-267-0005

Bourbon Street (aka Bourbon St Circus)

Address: 2901 Thomas Road (East), Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Website: Bourbon Street

Telephone: 602-956-9650

Candy Store

Address: 18613 Cave Creek Road (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85024

Telephone: 602-569-0084

Centerfold's Cabaret

Address: 2031 Peoria Avenue (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Website: Centerfold's Cabaret

Telephone: 602-678-4664

Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club

Address: 4125 7th Street (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85541

website: Cheetahs Phx

Telephone: 602-277-8487

Chicas (Latin) Cabaret

Address: 2802 35th Avenue (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85541

Telephone: 602-278-0616

Christie's Cabaret

Address: 44 32nd Street (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Website: Christie's Cabaret

Telephone: 602-275-3095

Crazy Girls Cabaret  (previously the Bliss Showclub)

Address: 1926 Deer Valley Road (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Website: Crazy Girls Cabaret

Telephone: 623-289-7780

Crazy Girls is in the final stages of getting ready to open in February 2021.

Dirty's Topless Bar

Address: 3308 Grand Avenue (North West), Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Website: Dirty's Topless Bar

Telephone: 602-265-3011

El Tubo Tubo

Address:  3614 McDowell Road (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Website: El Tubo Tubo

Telephone: 602-632-6308

Essex Gentlemen's Club

Address: 4139 Indian School Road (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85019

Website: Essex

Telephone: 602-278-5555

Eve's Tease

Address: 3737 Indian School Road (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85019

Telephone: 602-272-4401

Great Alaskan Bush Company

Address: 2980 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Website: Great Alaskan Bush Company (Arizona)

Telephone: 602-254-2909 or 602-500-4747

Jaguars Gold Club

Address: 1902 Black Canyon Highway (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85023

Website: Jaguars Gold Club Phoenix

Telephone: 602-352-0240

Kandies Cabaret

Address: 3790 Grand Avenue (West), Phoenix, Arizona 85019

Website: Kandies Cabaret

Telephone: 480-490-4978

Le Girls Gentlemens Club

Address: 5151 Washington Street (East), Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Website: Le Girls

Telephone: 602-244-8000

Sugar 44 Cabaret

Address: 4420 Thomas Road (East), Phoenix, Arizona 85541

Website: Sugar 44

Telephone: 602-840-5143

T & A Cabaret

Address: 3420 Central Avenue (South), Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Website: T n A Cabaret

Telephone: 602-769-2735

The Hi Liter

Address: 4716 12th Street (North), Phoenix, Arizona 85014

Website: Hi Liter Club

Telephone: 602-234-0128

V Live Phoenix

Address:  3845 University Drive (East), Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Telephone: 602-414-4600

Scottsdale (Phoenix)

This medium sized City in Maricopa County, is a little south to the center of the State, and is about 13 miles North East of Phoenix. It is also just to the North of Tempe (about 6 miles from one center to the other), making this the closest place for alternative venues. Depending on where you are exactly based, Apache Junction may provide another alternative venue, being 30 miles to the East of here.

Both clubs are south of the center of Scottsdale, and are relatively close to several clubs found in the North of Tempe.

Bones Cabaret (Rock n Roll Strip Club)

Address: 2011 Scottsdale Road (North), Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

Telephone: 602-374-5345

Skin Cabaret

Address: 1137 Scottsdale Road (North), Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

Telephone: 480-425-7546

Tempe (Phoenix)

This medium sized City in Maricopa County, is a little south to the center of the State, and is about 13 miles East of Phoenix. It is also just to the South of Scottsdale (about 6 miles from one center to the other), making this the closest place for alternative venues. Depending on where you are exactly based, Apache Junction may provide another alternative venue, being 25 miles to the East of here.

Christies Cabaret is found to the South/South West of the center of Tempe, whilst the other two clubs are in in the North/North West, over the Salt River, and considered by some as close to bordering South Scottsdale (and fairly close to the clubs in Scottsdale). Dream Palace is fully nude and serves alcohol.

Christies Cabaret (Tempe)

Address: 1675 Baseline Road (West), Tempe, Arizona 85283

Website: Christie's Cabaret

Telephone: 480-456-1015

Dream Palace

Address: 815 Scottsdale Road (North), Tempe, Arizona 85281

Website: Dream Palace

Telephone: 480-921-8870

Elite Cabaret Gentleman's Club

Address: 910 McClintock Drive (North), Tempe, Arizona 85281

Telephone: 480-966-0707

Unable to confirm this club is still open: website gone, telephone number not in service, and no social media updates (Twitter).


Tucson City is found in Pima County, to the South of the State, about 65 miles north of the Mexican border.

Eden Cabaret is fully nude and serves alcohol, whilst November Cabaret is a Bikini Bar with alcohol.

TD's Showclub East, Eden Cabaret and Ten's Showclub are congregated to the East of the center of Tucson, with Venom a little further East and Raiders Reef even further East. Curves Cabaret, November Cabaret and TD's Showclub West are congregated to the North/North West of the center of Tucson. Christie's Cabaret is to the south of the city center, just to the North/North East of the airport.

Christie's Cabaret (Tucson)

Address: 6608 Tucson Boulevard (South), Tucson, Arizona 85756

Website: Christie's Cabaret

Telephone: 520-428-6331

Curves Cabaret

Address: 2130 Oracle Road (North), Tucson, Arizona 85705

Website: Curves Cabaret Tucson

Telephone: 520-884-7210

Eden Cabaret & Cafe

Address: 3650 Speedway Boulevard (East), Tucson, Arizona 85716

Website: Eden

Telephone: 520-326-9282

November Cabaret (Bar & Grill)

Address: 4001 Romero Road (North), Tucson, Arizona 85705

Website: November Cabaret

Telephone: 520-344-9152 or 520-982-0903

Raiders Reef

Address: 6475 Golf Links Road (East), Tucson, Arizona 85711

Website: Raiders Reef Tucson

Telephone: 520-745-8125

TD's Showclub (East)

Address: 5822 Speedway Boulevard (East), Tucson, Arizona 85712

Website: TD's Showclubs

Telephone: 520-790-7307

TD's Showclub (West)

Address: 749 Miracle Mile (West), Tucson, Arizona 85705

Website: TD's Showclubs

Telephone: 520-882-0650

Ten's Showclub

Address: 5120 Speedway Boulevard (East), Tucson, Arizona 85712

Website: Deja Vu Ten's Showclub Tucson

Telephone: 520-325-8367

This club was acquired by Deja Vu Services in September 2019, it is anticipated the club maybe renamed to "Dream Girls" at a future date.


Address: 1104 Craycroft Road (South), Tucson, Arizona 85711

Telephone: 520-777-4628


Yuma is the principal City in Yuma County, found in the far South West of the State, bordering California to it's North and all but bordering Mexico to both it's South and West.

Both clubs are centrally based in Yuma. 5 miles North of these clubs, in Winterhaven California, is a fully nude strip club (with no alcohol served).

Platinum Cabaret

Address: 822 21st Street (East), Yuma, Arizona 85365

Telephone: 928-783-5000

Roxy Cabaret

Address: 830 Magnolia Avenue (South), Yuma, Arizona 85364

Telephone: 928-247-9990

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