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20th July 2019

30th March 2022

There are 20 strip clubs to be found in Colorado, nearly two thirds of them are topless venues serving alcohol, with the remaining third being fully nude with no alcohol - although there is one exception to this (see below for details). 

With the exception of Grand Junction in the West of the State, the vast majority are in and around Denver (broadly in the center of the State). However, there are a few a little further afield - either to the North of Denver (up to 55 miles) or to the South of Denver (up to 100 miles).


The City is found in Boulder County, in the Center North of the State. It is about 25 miles North West of Denver. Depending on where you are Denver (to the South East) or Garden City (to the North East) may provide alternative venues.

Nitro Club

Address: 1124 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Website: Nitro Club Boulder

Telephone: 303-444-1680

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a large city in El Paso County, situated in the Center South of the State. It is about 60 miles South of Denver.

None of the clubs are in the center of Colorado Springs: Deja Vu (Nude) is about 8 miles to the North East; Snooty Foxx (Topless) is about 6.5 miles to the East; and TNT's (Topless) is about 8 miles to the South East (closer to Fort Carson). Depending on your specific location you might consider Denver or Pueblo as possible alternative options.

Deja Vu Showgirls (Colorado Springs)

Address: 2145 B Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Website: Deja Vu Showgirls

Telephone: 719-576-7724

Fabulous TNT's

Address: 4630 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Website: Fabulous TNT's

Telephone: 719-531-9398

Snooty Foxx

Address: 5975 Terminal Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915

Website: Snooty Foxx

Telephone: 719-637-0000


A county and city all-in-one, it is found in the Center North of the State, and is the most populous area in Colorado.

Some of the clubs are fairly much in the center of the city: Diamond Cabaret is the most central, with La Boheme a little to the North, Club X to the South and Dandy Dan's to the South West (also check out Glendale below for several clubs just out to the South East).

Further afield: you'll find PT's Showclub to the South (fully nude and alcohol served after hours on the second floor) and PT's Centerfolds to the South East (fully nude). Plus there is a cluster of clubs to the North (halfway between Denver and Westminster) - Players, Platinum 84, Ladies en Confidente and Dream House. Please note, these last two (besides being fully nude) venues are dual strip clubs and hostess clubs!

Don't forget to check out alternative clubs in Boulder (see above) and Westminster (see below) and Glendale (previously mentioned).

Club X

Address: 1196 South Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado 80223

Telephone: 303-777-9960

Dandy Dan's

Address: 214 South Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80219

Telephone: 303-922-6729

Diamond Cabaret & Steakhouse

Address: 1222 Glenarm Place, Denver, Colorado 80204

Website: The Diamond Cabaret

Telephone: 303-571-4242

Dream House

Address: 7677 Washington Street, Denver, Colorado 80029

Website: Dream House Babes

Telephone: 303-820-3212

La Boheme Gentlemen's Cabaret

Address: 1443 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado 80202

Website: La Boheme Gentlemen's Cabaret

Telephone: 303-820-3212

Ladies en Confidente

Address: 5921 North Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80216

Website: LEC Denver

Telephone: 303-820-3212

Platinum 84

Address: 8485 Umatilla Street, Denver, Colorado 80260

Website: Platinum 84

Telephone: 720-540-9333

Players Club

Address: 6710 North Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80221

Website: Players Club Denver

Telephone: 303-426-6996

PT's Centerfolds

Address: 3480 South Galena Street, Denver, Colorado 80231

Website: PT's Centerfold

Telephone: 303-755-2575

PT's World Famous Showclub

Address: 1601 West Evans Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80223

Website: PT's Showclub Denver

Telephone: 303-934-9135

Garden City

This is a very small town in Weld County, found in the North East of the State. It is about 55 miles North East of Denver. Goodtime Tavern is found just to the North of the center of town.

Goodtime Towne Tavern

Address: 2504 6th Avenue, Garden City, Colorado 80631

Telephone: 970-353-4649

Glendale (Denver)

Glendale is a enclave city in Denver, located about 5 miles South East from the Center of this host City. Check out Denver for alternative venues as this is really a continuation of the same area.

Scarlett's Cabaret (Previously Mile High Men's Club)

Address: 4451 East Virginia Avenue, Glendale, Colorado 80246

Website: Scarlett's Denver

Telephone: 303-322-1717

Shotgun Willie's (aka. "The Gun")

Address: 490 South Colorado Boulevard, Glendale, Colorado 80246

Website: Shotgun Willie's

Telephone: 303-388-9601

Grand Junction

This medium sized city in Mesa County, is found to the far West of the State, about 37 miles from the border with Utah (and about 250 miles West of Denver). Fantasy is located about 8 miles to the North West from Grand Junction center itself.


Address: 2258 Colex Drive, Grand Junction, Colorado 81505

Website: GJ Fantasy

Telephone: 970-242-8008


This reasonably large city in Pueblo County is found in the Center Southern area of the State. It is about 40 miles South of Colorado Springs (and about 100 miles South of Denver). Aloha Glorya's is situated just a little to the North from the center of the city. Depending on your exact location, Colorado Springs (see above) may provide options for different venues.

Aloha Glorya's Gentlemen's Club

Address: 313 North Main Street, Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Telephone: 719-545-8468


This is a reasonably large City which spans two counties, Jefferson and Adams, and borders Denver to the South East. Today, Westminster is considered a suburb of Denver City, with about 13 miles distance between the centers of these two cities. Saturday Night Live is about 5 miles South East from the center of Westminster and keeps close company with clubs located to the North of Denver, making these (and others in Denver) possible alternatives.

Saturday Night Live

Address: 7950 Federal Boulevard, Westminster, Colorado 80030

Telephone: 303-428-7042

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