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Michael's Men's Club
Stripper Olympics

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 24th July 2019

29th June 2022

The annual Stripper Olympics has been running since 2010 and is held at the same venue, Michael's Men's Club at 4000 Highway 90 (East) in Broussard, Louisiana 70518. Competitions across this one-day event are held in three categories: Pole Tricks, Freestyle Floor Show (aka Floorwork) and Lap Dance, with a winner in each category and an overall champion appointed by a team of judges. Mini titles are also given for Best Butt, Best Breasts and Best Legs. Paying customers are invited to apply to be living "Furniture" for the Lap Dance category.

Website: Michael's Men's Club

Arrangements for the 2022 Stripper Olympics

The 11th Stripper Olympics is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 31st August at Michael's Men's Club. Ms. Parker, the reigning Stripper Olympics Champion will be co-hosting the event with local resident MC, DJ Swaggle.

The 2021 Stripper Olympics

The 10th Stripper Olympics was held on Wednesday 18th August 2021 at Michael's Men's Club (and had over $5,000 in prize money).

Hosts for the Competition

The Master of Ceremonies (EmCee) for this event, as in previous years, was the house DJ (Jeremy Sweigert) Swaggle. He was joined by co-host for the evening, Bailey Fox, the previous overall champion from the 2019 Stripper Olympics.

Current & Previous Overall Champions


Ms. Parker

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No competition held due to the Covid-19 pandemic


Bailey Fox

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Annie Lane

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