Stripper Olympics

2019 Results

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8th September 2019

4th September 2020


Although usually held in July each year, the 2019 Stripper Olympics were held on 4th September, at Michael's Men's Club, in Broussard, Louisiana. Due to complications with their renovations to the club, there was an unexpected delay before the club could reopen. As a consequence, the competition was postponed until September. 

Website: Michael's Men's Club

Above: Contestants and organizers of the 2019 Stripper Olympics.

Overall Champion

1st Place: Bailey Fox.

2nd Place (1st Runner Up): Hayla Faye.

3rd Place (2nd Runner Up): Marie Parker.

From left to right: Hayla Faye, Bailey Fox, and Marie Parker. Check out the following video to see just how Bailey Fox achieved the title of Overall Champion:

Bailey fox not only won the the title of Overall Champion but she swept the board winning a gold medal in each of the major categories plus an additional one...hence obtaining 5 medals (as pictured below). This was the first time anyone had achieved this result at this competition - a true moment in history.

Lap Dance Winners

1st Place: Bailey Fox.

2nd Place: Hayla Faye.

3rd Place: Marie Parker.

Floorshow Winners

1st Place: Bailey Fox.

2nd Place: Blake Monroe.

3rd Place: Hayla Faye.

Pole Tricks Winners

1st Place: Bailey Fox.

2nd Place: Lori Lane.

3rd Place: Kassidy Khaos.

Additional Awards

Best Legs: Bailey Fox.

Best Butt: Lori Lane.

Best Boobs: Hayla Faye

The 2019 Medal Winners

From left to right: Kassidy Khaos, Hayla Faye, Bailey Fox, Marie Parker, Lori Lane & Blake Monroe.

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