Stripper Olympics

2021 Results

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19th August 2021

26th August 2021


Usually held in July each year, the 2021 Stripper Olympics were held on 18th August, at Michael's Men's Club, in Broussard, Louisiana. Everyone had been chomping at the bit to get back to some degree of normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic (and the delta variant).

Awarded competitors (back row) from left to right: Lana Mae, Bella Time, Cali Marie, Ms. Parker, Aerial Leigh, Pixie Raye & Michelle Lynn.

Overall Champion

1st Place: Ms. Parker (above and below).

2nd Place (1st Runner Up): Michelle Lynn.

3rd Place (2nd Runner Up): Lana Mae.

Lap Dance Winners

1st Place: Lana Mae (above).

2nd Place: Bella Time.

3rd Place: TBA.

And here's overall champion Ms. Parker, really enjoying her lap dance performance (photo by Ragin' Imaging Photography):

Floorshow Winners

1st Place: Ms. Parker.

2nd Place: TBA.

3rd Place: Michelle Lynn.

Pole Tricks Winners

1st Place: Michele Lynn.

2nd Place: Ms. Parker.

3rd Place: Cali Marie.

Additional Awards

Best Legs: Michelle Lynn (above).

Best Butt: Pixie Raye (below).

Best Breasts: Aerial Leigh.

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