Miss Exotic Nude Universe (ENU):

2021 Results

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 21st May 2022

21st May 2022


The Miss ENU 2021 competition was held from 21st to 23rd July 2022 at the Topeka Sports Cabaret, 4216 Seward Avenue (North East), Topeka, Kansas 66616.

2021 Results

Overall Champion

Bambi Wilde

Pole Champion

Cali Marie

Newcomer Pole Champion

Ginger Wolfe

Elite Champion

Cali Marie

Showgirl Champion

Lolly Topps

Entertainer of the Year

Natalia Skye

Burlesque Champion

Penelope Peaches

Petite Champion

Pinky Pyro

Newcomer of the Year

Ginger Wolfe

Additional Awards

Best Fire Show: Cali Marie

Best Dancer: Natalia Skye

Hardest Body: Lolly Topps

Best Butt: Cali Marie

Most Beautiful Face: Natalia Skye

Best Breasts: Lolly Topps

Best Legs: Cali Marie

Newcomer Best Show: Lucy Skye

Newcomer Hottest Body: Ginger Wolfe

Newcomer Best Fire Show: Pinky Pyro

Newcomer Best Entertainer: Lucy Skye

Newcomer Miss Congeniality: Ginger Wolfe

Newcomer Best Stage Production: Pinky Pyro

Newcomer Bet Aerial Show: Lucy Skye

Newcomer Best Props: Ginger Wolfe

Newcomer Best Breasts: Pinky Pyro

Newcomer Best Dancer: Lucy Skye

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