Miss Nude United States:

2020/1 Results

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 15th August 2020

11th May 2022


The Miss Nude United States (MNUS) 2020/1 competition was held from 22nd to 24th July 2020 at Luxxx Showgirls, 3601 Farmington Road, Peoria, Illinois 61604, USA.

The Miss Nude United States contestants 2020/1

Photo Credit: Xcitement Magazine

2020/1 Results

Overall Champion

1st Place: Angel Beau

Photo Credit: Xcitement Magazine

1st Runner Up (2nd Place): Shay Lynn

2nd Runner Up (3rd Place): Kylie Kamakazi

3rd Runner up (4th Place): Raven Kali

Pole Champion

Raven Kali

Showgirl of the Year

Raven Kali

Photo Credit: Xcitement Magazine

Entertainer of the Year

Shay Lynn

Miss Burlesque

Kylie Kamakazi

Newcomer of the Year

Tat2 Barbie

Photo Credit: Xcitement Magazine

Newcomer Pole Champion

Molly Jane

Additional Awards

Best Boobs: Shay Lynn

Best Costume: Raven Kali

Best Dance: Molly Jane

Best Music Production: Morrighan Moon

Best Show: Tat2 Barbie

Bikini Walk: Shay Lynn

Hardest Body: Raven Kali

Hottest Body: Shay Lynn

Hottest Gymnast: Shay Lynn

Hottest Stage Personality: Molly Jane

Most Original Show: Morrighan Moon

Newcomer Best Costume: Tat2 Barbie

Newcomer Bikini Walk: Penelope Peaches

Newcomer Hottest Buns: Tat2 Barbie

Newcomer Hottest Gymnast: Tat2 Barbie

Newcomer Most Beautiful Face: Penelope Peaches

Nude Blonde: Penelope Peaches

Nude Brunette: Molly Jane

Nude Redhead: Morrighan Moon

Overall Crowd Favorite: Raven Kali

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