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The "Dirty Show"

Erotic Art Exhibition

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6th February 2020

16th October 2022

Every year, since 2000 (excluding 2021 due to the pandemic), Detroit has been home to an International Erotic Art Exhibition - simply referred to as the "Dirty Show". Since it's humble beginnings it has continued to grow and for the last decade it has certainly been a force to reckon with upon the world stage (hence the deserved usage of "International").

As one might expect, it features artists of all mediums (traditional and cutting edge) and there are many pieces and prints for sale. It is also an "active" event with film viewings and stage shows, such as burlesque performances, occurring throughout the exhibition's opening hours.

2023: The 23rd Annual Dirty Show

The 23rd Dirty Show is scheduled for the weekends beginning 10th & 17th February 2023, at The Russell Exhibition Center in Detroit, Michigan.

2022: The 22nd Annual Dirty Show

The 22nd Dirty Show was held during the weekends covering 11th - 19th February 2022, at the Russell Exhibition Center in Detroit Michigan.

2019: The 21st Annual Dirty Show

The 2020 Dirty Show was hosted across two consecutive weekends February: 7th & 8th and 14 & 15th, from 7pm to 2am each night. It was held at the Russell Exhibition Center, Russell Industrial Complex, 1600 Clay Street, Detroit, Michigan 48211 USA. 

Full information can be found on the Dirty Detroit website.

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