USA Strip Clubs by Location:

District of Columbia (DC)

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22nd July 2019

26th July 2022

There are only 8 strip clubs to be found in DC but their delight is, they are all fully nude and serve alcohol. The majority of the clubs (7) are in the North West quadrant, with the other one in the North East quadrant.

North East Washington

The Stadium Club is about 6 miles North East of the center of Washington DC, towards the Fort Lincoln area, and not too far from the National Arboretum.

Stadium Club

Address: 2127 Queens Chapel Road, North East Washington, DC 20018

Telephone: 202-710-7105

The Stadium Club is currently closed although they indicate they will be returning.

North West Washington

The North West quadrant is the largest and busiest part of DC and includes the center of Washington, associated with all the landmark political buildings and museums.

4 of the clubs can be found fairly centrally: Cloakroom to the North and a cluster to the North West comprised of Camelot, Mpire, Archibald's and Assets. The House is about 4 miles to the North of the Center of Washington (Park View area) and Good Guys is similarly 4 miles out to the North West (Massachusetts Avenue Heights area). 


Address: 1520 K Street, North West Washington, DC 20005

Website: Archibald's

Telephone: 202-737-2662

Assets Gentlemen's Club

Address: 1805 Connecticut Avenue North West, Washington, DC 20009

Website: Assets Gentlemen's Club

Telephone: 202-450-3127

Camelot Showbar

Address: 1823 M Street, North West Washington, DC 20036

Website: Camelot Showbar

Telephone: 202-909-5600


Address: 476 K Street, North West Washington, DC 20001

Website: Cloakroom DC

Telephone: 202-909-5600

Good Guys

Address: 2311 Wisconsin Avenue, North West Washington, DC 20007

Website: Good Guys Club

Telephone: 202-333-8128

Mpire Club

Address: 1819 M Street, North West Washington, DC 20036

Website: Mpire Club

Telephone: 202-909-8300

The House (The Penthouse)

Address: 3530 Georgia Avenue, North West Washington, DC 20010

Telephone: 202-882-2014

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