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"Fantasy Fest"

Annual Adult Festival

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22nd May 2022

22nd May 2022


Held in Key West, Florida, USA, this festival is a collection of parties, parades and other events at the end of October each year. The are some family friendly events but many are adult only with some level of nudity in private locations (e.g., hotels & bars) and plenty of body painted individuals in sectioned off public areas. Each year has a particular costume theme for the main parade held towards the end of the festival.


Fantasy Fest started in 1979 by the locals as a way to boost the tourist numbers that always began to flag at the end of the summer season. Across the years the festival has gotten larger, with more events added, and more people visiting. Today the festival attracts nearly 100,000 visitors (including many from LGBTQ communities) for the 10 days of music, costumes, fun parties, drink, food, and relative freedom.

Fantasy Fest 2022

Scheduled from 21st to 30th October 2022, this year's theme is "Cult Classics & Cartoon Chaos". There are around 60 events, and a full schedule can be seen on the Fantasy Fest website.

Full information can be found on the Fantasy Fest website here.

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