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Thursday 25th May 2023

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1st December 2022

22nd December 2022

Feature Entertainers (such as talented Showgirls and adult film stars) travel around the USA (and internationally too), making guest appearances at Strip Clubs. Below is a list detailing such appearances in the USA for this date.

Please note, other events held at Strip Clubs, are listed separately hereIf you are a feature entertainer, their agent or a venue where they are can add to this listing by clicking here.

We make every effort to ensure the details listed on this page are current and correct. However, mistakes can occur and appearances can be cancelled/delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes at short notice. We do not accept any liability for any loss you may suffer due to relying on the details listed here, and you should check with the host venue to ensure the details are correct.


Showgirls - Ginger Wolfe, Hayla Faye, Heidi Ho Huntsman, Janine Jericho, Lori Lane, Ms. Parker, Natasha Nova, Nia Nebula, Phoenix Phires

Starlets - Alysia Clarke, Ari Untamed, Charlotte Autumn, Ciara, Dani Steel, Farley Lynn, Lauren Lotus, Lucy Skye, Raychel Revolver


EDI East Competition, Special Guest Performance by Shar Zayn


The Pony Clubs/Scores - TBC


Huntsville/Madison, Alabama

EDI East 2023

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