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About Us

"The naked form belongs to no particular moment in history, it is eternal, and can be looked upon with joy by the people of all ages." - French Artist and Sculptor, Auguste Rodin.

Strip Club Experience (SCE) is intended for patrons of Gentlemen's Clubs across the USA, regardless of whether you are a frequent, occasional or potential visitor. We are here to share sexy, interesting and fun information about strip clubs, performers and the adult nightclub industry. Our focus is towards helping you gain the best possible experience when making a visit to a gentlemen's club in the United States.

"I'm not against half naked girls...well, not as often as I'd like to be!" - Comedian, Benny Hill.

SCE is an independent business and is not affiliated with the sex, hospitality or entertainment industries. If SCE has a business related intertest, it will be clearly stated. SCE seeks to provide an unbiased information service to it's readers however, it is impossible to be completely without favor. The overriding emphasis will always be on: the positive promotion of talented and artistic performers, working in professionally managed and presented venues, for the enjoyment of the audience.


"There is no problem a few dollars, a few beers, a few friends and a few naked female dancers at a strip club can't solve." 

Strip Club Experience is the creation of owner and operator, David Schofield. Born in London, England (and yes he still has the accent to prove it), he has travelled extensively to experience what the world has to offer. On these travels he has sampled many things including food, drink, music and the artistry of the female form, making him well placed to appreciate all that Strip Clubs have to offer. Today, he resides in the Northeast of Maryland in the USA. Here's David in a Monty Python Spam-a-lot T-shirt that states "I'm not dead yet", an indication of his typical level of humor:

"Once I had seen one set of boobs, I realized I wanted to see them all."

To find out about the aims of Strip Club Experience, see SCE Mission.

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