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9th September 2021

This page is for people in the Adult Nightclub Industry to access administrative aspects of the Strip Club Experience's website. If you are an entertainer, agent, promoter, or an owner/manager/employee at a strip club in the USA, then this page (and those connected with it) are for you.

Human Trafficking

Adult nightclubs get unfairly targeted as supposed "hot beds" of human & sexual trafficking. However, according to statistics from the FBI, sex trafficking in USA strip clubs represents less than 1% of all cases. This may sound positive but human trafficking is a terrible crime and it needs to be eradicated entirely. Here's a video made by DJ Danny Meyers to highlight the possible indicators of human trafficking and what you can do to help stop it...maybe even save a life:

Texas Law Change

On 25th of May it became illegal for any sexually orientated business to employ, or contract to work, anyone below 21 years of age. This was given without warning and resulted in hundreds of people aged 18, 19 & 20 being immediately terminated by strips clubs. If you were affected by this, please register your details with a legal representative (details below), so that minimally the state can be advised on how many people were negatively impacted by this legislation. Also, if the state decides to compensate people, who have been disadvantaged by the implementation of this law, you may be entitled to a payout:

Contact Casey Wallace

Tel: 281-784-0095




Feature Entertainer Appearances

If you have an entertainer on your books, who is scheduled to appear as a feature at a strip club in the USA, you can add the details to this website here.

Adult Nightclubs

Feature Entertainer Appearances

If you have a feature entertainer booked to appear at your strip club (or a strip club you represent), you can add the details to this website here.


Feature Entertainer Appearance

If you have been booked as a feature entertainer, to appear at a club in the USA, you can add the details to this website here.

Online Platforms

Social Media Tips - Recovering wrongfully removed accounts (Twitter & Instagram).

Subscription Site Information: Only Fans.

Consent & Release Forms

If you are filming content (of yourself & others), you need model releases, 2257 docs, and preferably a consent form. You can download these for free from here.


As strip clubs reopen and are able to extend their operating hours/audience capacity levels, more exotic dancers are required. This is leading to a shortage of available entertainers, in some areas across the USA, to fulfill this need. As a consequence, some clubs are offering sign up bonuses for entertainers working with them. As at 10th June 2021 we are aware of the following:

Club & Location

Deja Vu Showgirls, Nashville TN

Hustler Club, New Orleans LA

Al's Diamond Cabaret, Reading PA

Sign Up Bonus




The Deja Vu chain of clubs often publicize an opportunity for modeling with a particular agency, stating: Paid Shoots - Paid Travel - Exotic Tropical Destinations - No Experience Required - No Nudity - and interested parties should contact the agency via their website: J&H Modeling (who are based in Las Vegas NV).

We have no further details and cannot personally vouch for this agency but, trust a big named brand like DeJa Vu, to have good knowledge and experience of them before undertaking promotion of their services.

Pole Dance Competition. Qualifying heats every Tuesday from 13th July - 5th October. Final 12th October 2021 with $1,000 prize.


A new book, for Exotic Dancers, was published on January 8th 2021 entitled: "Straight Talk for Exotic Dancers - Truth, Tips & Advice for Women Who Twerk Where they Work."

The author, known as Ella, has worked as a House Mom in 3 different strip clubs in Dallas TX across the last decade. The book is touted as being: "filled with advice, survival tips, solutions to common problems, and lessons from real-life situations (from interviews with over 1500 exotic dancers), that help dancers successfully navigate their way through the stripping business".

UK Based Neola Wilby, a fitness instructor, has written and self published a book on fitness specifically for pole. With over 460 pages it's expansive and is equally suitable for pole beginners, experienced pole dancers and pole instructors. Available in paperback, ebook or a combined package the price is well worth it (even with the hefty international shipping cost to the USA, if you go with a physical copy (recommended), because it's not on Amazon!). Feature entertainer Raven Kali highly recommended this book.

Go to the website for more details including free blog, email list (with free ebook "Grip Gainz" grip training for pole), and upsells for online training packages: The Pole PT

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For the 3rd time, our SCE Facebook Page has been unpublished. With absolutely no nudity posted it must be purely because it promoted the Adult Nightclub Industry. Each time there has been no notice, ban or warning given and certainly no right of appeal, So much for the freedom of speech on a perfectly legal subject matter.



Go check out this snippet of house dancer Nova at Club 390 in Chicago Heights IL