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26th August 2020

29th August 2020

The following is a list of further resources where you can find out more about the Adult Nightclub Industry and thus, we hope, helping to improve your overall experience of strip clubs:


Strip Club Listings

Whilst we believe we have the most up to date listing of strip clubs in the USA, you may be seeking details of strip clubs in other countries, and the following websites can assist you in your search:

Strip Club Guide has details of over 1,000 clubs worldwide.

The Ultimate Strip Club List (tuscl) probably has the most clubs listed across the entire world (too many for us to even want to start to count).


Ashley Wiggins is better known to us at SCE as feature entertainer and travelling showgirl Shelby Doll. Her book "Pole Sports: Tracing The Historical Influences" takes a look at the origins and development of pole acrobatics across the world. And "no", exotic pole dancing is not where it all started, it is simply a modern day tangent to the art and craft of pole gymnastics. Besides being a feature performer and burlesque star, under the Shelby Doll persona, Ashley is an International Master Trainer & Head Judge for POSA (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation) and is president of POSA in Canada.

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