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26th August 2020

29th July 2021

The following is a list of further resources where you can find out more about the Adult Nightclub Industry and thus, we hope, help to improve your overall experience of strip clubs (and the wider Adult Industry):


Published in March 2021:

Check out details of books about strip clubs, exotic dancers and just about anything sexy here.


Released in the USA on 30th June 2021:

Check out details of movies about strip clubs and exotic dancers here.


Nightmoves is a website and online magazine covering all aspects of the Adult Industry across the USA. This also includes strip clubs in and around the Tampa Bay area of Central Florida (where they are based). Each year they organize a week long FanFest culminating in the Nightmoves Awards show (the 3rd oldest Adult Industry Awards show). This provides a great forum, and read, to find out so much more.

Xcitement is a free online magazine covering the Adult Industry (films, magazines & night clubs) in South Florida. They have articles and exciting images covering people and businesses throughout, and even cover notable events across North America. We highly recommend them!

STRIPLV is a print and online magazine available via paid subscription and on newsstands. Based in Las Vegas NV it focuses on nude photography, celebrity interviews, and lifestyle (fashion, entertainment, sex & music).


Stephanie The Stripper, as her name implies, is an Exotic Dancer (her main home is the Playhouse in Council Bluffs, Iowa). She is also an adult content creator on Porn Hub and Only Fans - Listen in as she discusses her work (including her recent boob job) on a podcast from Secret Story's From The Underground.



Fetish Eden abounds in images & cams of latex, leather & PVC (with a measure of BDSM & FemDom thrown in).

Strip Club Listings

Whilst we believe we have the most up to date and complete listing of strip clubs in the USA, you may be seeking details of strip clubs in states we haven't covered yet and even in other countries, and the following websites may assist you in your search:

Strip Club Guide has details of over 1,000 clubs worldwide.

The Ultimate Strip Club List (tuscl) probably has the most clubs listed across the entire world (too many for us to even start to count).

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For the 3rd time, our SCE Facebook Page has been unpublished. With absolutely no nudity posted it must be purely because it promoted the Adult Nightclub Industry. Each time there has been no notice, ban or warning given and certainly no right of appeal, So much for the freedom of speech on a perfectly legal subject matter.



Go check out this snippet of house dancer Nova at Club 390 in Chicago Heights IL