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29th July 2021

13th October 2022

Everyone loves a good book to read. So, we've put together details of books about Exotic Dancers/Strip Clubs (and to be fair, just about anything about sex too), for you to peruse. Enjoy...

Dirty Thoughts and Awkward Boners: Sexy Short Stories from a Former Stripper

Erin Louis has had nearly two decades of experience as an exotic dancer, with many stories to tell. More recent work has taken her into the world of writing, and she can proudly boast of becoming a multi-published author. "Dirty Thoughts and Awkward Boners," a collection of tales and fantasies published in August 2022, is her latest offering. While some of these stories are funny, they are all totally erotic, making this a sexy 100-page read for everyone.

Erin Louis has authored a number of non-fiction and fiction books, contributed short stories to a few horror collections, and writes a column too. You can find more details on her website, and on Amazon too.

Carnival Strippers - Revisited

In 1972 American documentary photographer Susan Meiselas set out on a career which has stretched across the decades. She gained major public notice with her work in war-torn Nicaragua during 1978/9 and has since continued to deliver in her art. Published in key periodicals like The Times, The New York Times and Paris Match, she has been laden with honors including the MacArthur Fellowship (1992), the Royal Photographic Society Centenary Medal (2006), and the Harvard Arts Medal (2011).

To help celebrate 50 years of her contribution to the world of photographic art, a book she had published back in 1976 is being re-released. "From 1972 to 1975, Susan Meiselas spent her summers photographing women who performed striptease for small-town carnivals in New England, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Meiselas also taped candid interviews with the dancers, their boyfriends, the show managers and paying customers, which form a crucial part of the book."

"Carnival Strippers" by Susan Meiselas is available on Amazon and was published on 24th May 2022.

Wanting You to Want Me: Stories from the Secret World of Strip Clubs

Written by two former strippers from the UK, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes & Emily Dinsdale, this book tells how strippers, "Feel about their industry, their thoughts on punters," and "Why they started working as a dancer." The book is not only, "Captures the complicated beauty of working as a stripper in the UK," but is supported by behind-the-scenes photography by Parker-Rodes which, "Transports readers into the beating heart of the club and the intimate dressing room area."

Published on 10th May 2022, by Hardie Grant, the book is available on Amazon.

Emergence of Self: The Poetic Memoirs of a Stripper

With 20 years in the American adult nightclub industry, Ginger Snaps uses fun poetry and thoughtful prose to share her private thoughts on her experiences. This retired exotic dancer takes the reader through a colorful journey of human connection, covering a gamut of emotions in her various art forms.

Published on 16th April 2022, the book is available on Amazon.

The Ethical Stripper: Sex, Work, and Labor Rights in the Night-Time Economy

"Think you know about strippers? Think again. The Ethical Stripper rejects notions of victimhood, challenges stigma and shame, and unpacks decades of confusion and contradictions. It's about the sex-work community's fight for safety and self-determination, and it challenges you to think twice about every newspaper article, documentary and film you have seen about stripping and sex work."

Author Stacey Clare has over 10-years' experience as an Exotic Dancer in the UK although still manages to give this book a global feel due to her international work. Published on 3rd March 2022, the book is available on Amazon.

Naked Hustle

Inspired by a true story this is an urban erotica novel about Latoya, a college dropout, who makes it big in the underground world of exotic dancing. It follows lots of twists and turns as she battles her way through this life (bad decisions and all) trying not to rub shoulders with the wrong people.

"Naked Hustle" by Trey Parker was, according to details on Amazon, first published in August 2018. Whether this is correct or not, the 365-page book was being marketed (or remarketed) in March 2022.

Go check out the website, including all his books, for Trey Parker here.

Dirty Money: Memoirs of a Stripper

Author Erin Louis has nearly two decades of experience as an exotic dancer and fed up with the stereotypical depictions of strippers as drug addled prostitutes, decided to redress the balance with her story. With details of what led her to become a stripper, she shares all the funny and sad experiences she has encountered along the way, in this "naughty" career.

Erin Louis provides a real foray into a dancer's life, in the adult nightclub industry of the USA, with this 260+ page book released in February 2022. Besides cooking (as a trained pastry chef), and the occasional showing of her genitalia to the public, Erin Louis has already authored a number of books (and contributed short stories to a number of horror collections too). You can find more details on her website, and on Amazon too.

The Fires of Lust: Sex in the Middle Ages

This book delves into the moral, religious and societal view of sex for people in the Middle Ages. This exploration "brings ordinary medieval people to life, revealing details of their most personal thoughts and experiences."

"The Fires of Lust" was released in the USA on Amazon for the 25th of November 2021. 

Harlots, Whores & Hackabouts: A History of Sex for Sale

Coming fast on the back of her previous book (A Curious History of Sex - see below for more details), Dr. Kate Lister launches into the history of prostitution. It shows just how cyclical we have been regarding society's approach to dealing with what is often touted as "the oldest profession". Funny, sad, enlightening, maddening, strange, ludicrous, hilarious and poignant - you'll run a gamut of emotional responses in reading this eye-opening work of literature. Go check out Kate's website (Whores of Yore) to gain an insight of her humor and what you can expect from this book.

"Harlots, Whores & Hackabouts", was released in the USA on Amazon for the 26th of October 2021. Go check out this podcast video of an interview Kate Lister had in September 2021 regarding her new book:

I Was A Stripper Librarian:
From Cardigans to G-Strings

Published in July 2021, "I Was a Stripper Librarian" is an autobiography by Ypsilanti based Kristy Cooper, detailing several years in her life at the turn of this century. Whilst working on her Masters degree at the University of Michigan she turned to work as a stripper, to fund her education, before finally becoming a full time Librarian. Her hustle is inspiring as besides this work and study, she also waitressed, and even today runs a cleaning business on the side.

The book often looks at the assumed juxtaposed position between both careers and yet their similarities (it's all about sales and customer service). Kristy also straddles the subjects of feminism, sexual harassment, the social stigma of being a stripper, and the importance of sex work advocacy & decriminalization. This is an enticing read for anyone who thinks being a stripper is an easy option. It's hard work, especially learning to be good at the job, not to mention how physically and emotionally draining it can be.

"I was a Stripper Librarian: From Cardigans to G-Strings", by Kristy Cooper (pictured above), is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A Curious History of Sex

Dr. Kate Lister is an historian, lecturer (at Leeds Trinity University in the UK), writer and blogger. This all might sound quite dry but visit her website (Whores of Yore) to gain an understanding of her humor and the fun snippets of information she shares. Then you can appreciate what a fun and eye-opening read you can expect from this book published in March 2021.

"A Curious History of Sex", is available from Amazon.

The Sweetness of Venus:
The History of the Clitoris

You'd think that by now we'd know everything there is to know about the clitoris, but oh how wrong. Considering a 3-D model of the clitoris was only first mapped out in 2005, it has led to some startling discoveries. This book by Sarah Chadwick "tells the story of the clitoris in an enlightening, amusing and knowledgeable way", "like an eye-opening chat with a good friend".

Published in February 2021, "The Sweetness of Venus: The History of the Clitoris" is available on Amazon.

Pole Sports:
Tracing The Historical Influences

Ashley Wiggins is better known to us at SCE as feature entertainer and travelling showgirl Shelby Doll. Her book "Pole Sports: Tracing the Historical Influences", published in May 2020, takes a look at the origins and development of pole acrobatics across the world. Surprising for some, exotic pole dancing is not where it all started - that's just a modern-day tangent to the art and craft of pole gymnastics. This book is available on Amazon.

Besides being a feature performer and burlesque star, under the Shelby Doll persona, Ashley is an International Master Trainer & Head Judge for POSA (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation) and is president of POSA in Canada.

Thong of Thongs: 69 Sexy Jewish Stories

Jewish author Kitty Knish has compiled a collection of short erotic stories with themes connected to Jewish culture. Now, you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy them, as the book is not only well written but it's humorous and sexy too. She has also written several fiction novels which have a similar slant - Jewish culture, humor, and erotic.

Thong of Thongs (published in August 2019), and her other books, can be found on Amazon.

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex

An excellent book that takes you alphabetically through historical aspects of sex, Author Simon Leyland has done a fun job in researching the sex lives of people like Rockerfeller, Catherine the Great, Lewis Caroll, and Chaucer. He has also added a smattering of smutty words and their meanings like "Fuck", "Green Gown", and "Merkin." If this wasn't enough, you'll discover how the vibrator was invented way before Victorian times, why Pope's had to have their scrotum felt, and where John Dillinger's penis is kept.

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex was published in January 2019 and can be found on Amazon.

Strip: The Making of a Feminist

Catlyn Ladd was an exotic dancer for 5 years, using the money she earned to help get a doctorate in Religious Studies at the University of Denver. Since 2006 she has been a college professor teaching Women's Studies & Religious Studies at the Front Range Community College in Colorado. This, her first book, explains how stripping helped her to heal and grow to be the woman she is today.

When some people encounter the term "Feminist" they might think of females who are man haters. However, this can be far from the truth. Although this book is just one person's story, for those who simply think sex work objectifies women, this certainly makes you think again.

You can read an excerpt, called "Fetish", via Westword: Denver's Independent Source of Local News & Culture.

This book was published on 29th June 2018, by Changemakers Books, and is available on Amazon.

Find out more about the author on her website: Catlyn Ladd

Reflections of My Life - April March:
The First Lady of Burlesque

The raven-haired beauty April March was an exotic dancer, star of American Burlesque and arguably the best innovator of the elegant striptease. Active from 1952 to 1978, she travelled throughout North America and Europe gaining renown for her classy and sophisticated form of striptease. You can read her life story in this book, "Reelections of my life."

April March Book Cover

April March launched her autobiography in August 2016, and it's available for purchase on Amazon.

Strange Times:
Tales From American Strippers

Elle Stanger is a stripper working in Portland OR, a writer on Stripper Writing and an author. The book, published in September 2014, is her collection of stripper stories from someone who has seen, heard and experienced it all. "Strange Times - Tales from American Strippers" is available from Amazon.

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