Strip Club Experience:

Our Mission

"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." - British poet, painter and engraver, William Blake.

We're on a true mission, where we are seeking to provide the ultimate guide for people to fully appreciate, celebrate and enjoy strip clubs and performers across the USA. To achieve this, our aims are to:

1. Provide useful information to patrons of strip clubs, enabling them to make the best personal choices regarding venues to visit including the where, when and whom to see.

2. Provide a positive platform to help promote the skilled art of striptease by talented performers.

3. Provide an environment where clubs are supported in their marketing & advertising endeavors and encouraged to elevate their overall offering, in an atmosphere of professional continuous improvement.

"There is one arena where I have no problem stepping up and speaking for the human race. I will have the backing of every male Republican, Democrat or Independent. This is something even the Jewish and Arabic nations can get together on. We can all agree on the topic of boobs."  - An unattributed quote.

Strip Clubs and the people who work in them, are categorized as being in the Adult Entertainment (aka "Sex") industry. SCE has nothing against the sex industry but it does carry, whether you and I agree or not, a degree of stigmatism by some parts of society. To this end an additional aim for SCE is to help, wherever it can, to destigmatize the world of strip clubs and anyone associated with the business.

"Strippers have heels higher than your standards". - An unattributed quote.

To find out who Strip Club Experience are, and what we are about, see About SCE.

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