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 3rd February 2020

9th March 2020

Sexy erotic canvas prints designed to enhance any wall space. Put up in your home, office or any other suitable place - for your, and visitors, viewing delight. You'll be surprised how much style this will bring to your day-to-day life!

Each canvas is hand stretched over a wooden frame before being printed. The image, on this artist grade canvas, is wrapped over the edges by about 1/4" only, ensuring the sides remain white. Canvas prints are available in 4 sizes: 12" x 8" (small), 18" x 12" (medium), 24" x 16" (large) and 30" x 20" (extra large). Hardware to facilitate the wall hanging of each canvas is supplied.

Price: From $48.48 each.

Title: Wet Butt


Title: Workout Sweat


Title: Sauna Body


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