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Mounted Canvas Prints

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 24th March 2020

24th March 2020

Mounted canvas prints with erotic images, ready to improve any way space. Put up in your home, office, sitting room, bedroom or any other suitable place - for your, and your visitors, viewing pleasure. This is a unique take on the traditional Canvas Print:

Each quarter inch thin canvas print is mounted on a smaller wooden spacer and thus, once mounted,  stands proud of the wall's surface (by about three quarters of an inch)  Mounted canvas prints are available in 3 sizes: 10.5" x 8.5" (small), 16" x 13" (medium), and 18" x 14.8" (large). Several 3M tabs are provided to facilitate the wall hanging of each mounted canvas print.

Price: From $27 each.

Title: Wet Butt


Title: Workout Sweat


Title: Sauna Body


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