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Top 10 Strip Club
Music Anthems of 2021

There's a whole lot of music out there but some songs are especially great for strip clubs. Each month across 2021 we've picked out new releases, of songs we believe are ideally suited to being played in adult nightclubs across the USA. They cover a range of musical genres but, are upbeat and have a focus on sexy themes. It was a tough job but, from all of these songs, we've chosen our top 10 releases - SCE's strip club music anthems of 2021.

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31st December 2021

No. 10 - Dua Lipa "Love Again"

English artist Dua Lipa can seemingly do no wrong, with every release (e.g., "Levitating" from 2020) being a marvelous creation. Back in March 2020, during the height of the pandemic, she released the song "Love Again". This was first released in France, and more countries followed, only being officially released in the USA in June 2021. We debated if this was a 2020 or 2021 song, with no satisfactory conclusion, so decided to put this song at the no.10 spot (just in case people think it shouldn't be listed here).

This electro/dance/pop record has a funky disco feel to it, aided by the sampling of muted trumpets from the 1932 jazz song "My Woman". For those who feel they may have heard this before, a similar sample was used in the 1997 song "Your Woman" by White Town. The song is about being heartbroken but then finding yourself unexpectedly able to love again...something many a person has discovered after a visit to a strip club. 

"But goddamn, you got me in love again".

No. 9 - Stray Kids "Thunderous"

In recent times we've gradually seen more Asian pop bands breaking into the Western music scene, including here in the USA. Often thought of as teen pop records, they can be more like cotton candy than a serious addition to one's musical diet. However, there have been some interesting Korean artists (known by the sub-musical genre of "K-Pop"), charting well in America. Besides BTS (aka the Bangtan Boys), K-Pop song "Loco" by ITSY caught our ear, as did several songs by Lisa (formally from Korean band BlackPink, who went solo in September 2021...and is actually from Thailand).

Despite all of these fine (& successful) Korean artists, our pick is certainly more of an undiscovered gem here in the USA. Released in August 2021 this is more than K-Pop, it's a serious modern-day piece of music (the powerful deep base is great). The lyrics are Korean with some English, and it's somewhat difficult to translate all of its nuanced meaning. Broadly speaking though, it's about rebelling against convention, following your own path, and being unapologetically who you are: something everyone who works in the adult industry has to embrace. 

"Man I'm not sorry, I'm dirty."

No. 8 - Daddy Yankee "El Pony"

There were a few cheeky fun songs this year, such as "Tacos 'n' Tiddies" by D Boltz, and "Bazooka" by Sleepy Chows et al. However, our favorite is this record released in April 2021. Daddy Yankee is a master of reggaeton (a fusion of Latin, reggae, & rap), as previously shown by his reworking of Despacito from a ballad (it's original intention), to the massive 2017 reggaeton hit it became.

Musically, El Pony (Spanish for, no surprise here, "The Pony") makes great use of a Marimba/Xylophone, and echo's Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" (also from 2017), giving it a Caribbean Tropical House feel. Sung throughout in Spanish, lyrically the song plays with the sexual connotations of riding a pony. Plus, it's fun to note that there is a chain of strip clubs in the USA (owned by Jerry Westlund), many called "The Pony".

"You say that this bounces, that's what I wanna see...come and get on the Pony."

No. 7 - Demarco "Mover"

Jamaican born King of Dancehall vibes Demarco, in a collaboration with another dancehall impresario Konshens, released this Dancehall/Reggaeton fusion in June 2021. It was the lead single on his studio album "Melody", named after his new infant daughter.

"Mover" is a clear and unashamed homage to the dancing artform of the female body. In particular the sexy moving curves and especially the booty. The spicy dancefloor Caribbean sound makes it ideal for entertainers in a strip club to twerk along to...and more.

"Shake it dolly, jiggle, move it."

No. 6 - DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, & Lisa "SG"

Prolific French Producer DJ Snake does it again with another collaborative record, released in October 2021. Artists Ozuna (Puerto Rican singer), Megan Thee Stallion (American rapper), & Lisa from K-Pop band BlackPink (Thai singer & rapper) are used in this Dancehall/Reggaeton mix to create, what feels like, 3 songs in 1.

"SG", an abbreviation for Sexy Girl, is in Spanish & English and tells a common story. It starts with Ozuna seeing a sexually attractive female and wanting to hook up with her. Megan then talks about her sexual allure to men and how she uses it to good effect. This is followed by Lisa flirting back at Ozuna by saying she wants love not just sex. This sex & love theme is frequently found not just strip clubs but in life too!

"Make you fall in love, one touch and you'll be saved."

No. 5 - Iggy Azalea "I Am the Strip Club"

Released in July 2021, this was the 2nd single from her third album "The End of an Era." When the video was dropped there was some controversy. Australian Iggy Azalea was wearing a black wig (she's usually blonde) and some believed she was "blackfishing" (i.e., trying to look darker than she actually is). Our first response is that if she wishes to do that, then why not, it's her choice. However, we suspect the black hair and the lighting in the video simply made her appear darker. What a crazy storm in a teacup!

The title of this Rap/House song makes it feel like a natural Strip Club Anthem. However, it's really about self-care and loving free, realizing you don't need a strip club to have a good time. We all know it's the coordinated efforts of the club decor, the DJ driven sounds, the great drinks, sometimes the food, and of course the dancers that make a strip club - although it's the beauty & talents of the entertainers who really are the strip club!

"I do the lap dance (I ride the pole up), I am the, the strip club."

No. 4 - Megan Thee Stallion "Thot Shit"

Released in June 2021, this was the lead single from her 2nd album "Something for Thee Hotties." It is a solo album which may seem a strange comment to make but, most of her recent work has been with other artists (e.g., "Savage Remix with Beyonce, "WAP" with Cardi B, and "34+39 Remix" with Ariana Grande & Doja Cat).

Thot Shit is a great rap song, with a booming bassline, and an idea to share. We are led to believe Megan Thee Stallion was inspired by the word "Thot" (a sexually promiscuous female), and to apply it to this song as a tool to reverse its usage by misogynous males. The end result, as per the Megan Thee Stallion formula, is a sex positive message - something we need a lot more of in this world.

"I walk around the house butt-naked, and I'll stop at every mirror, just to stare at my own posterior."

No. 3 - City Girls "Twerkulator"

Originally "Twerkulator" was intended to be a track on the 2nd album by City Girls. Unfortunately, most of the songs were leaked and there was a rush to get the album "City on Lock" out (and in the process sampling used in "Twerkulator" wasn't cleared in time). 

"Twerkulator" is a direct take on the 1992 House/Techno song "Percolator" by Cajmere. It gained a big following in the clubs of Chicago during 1993 and has seen two remixes: most recently in 2003, and in 1996 when it was retitled "It's Time for the Percolator". "Twerkulator" also samples from the 1982 song "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force.

Finally released in May 2021, as a stand-alone single, "Twerkulator" is a modern-day Rap/Hip Hop piece with nostalgic overtones. It is readily joining a group of songs specifically geared to be Twerk Anthems. The songs message is to have fun and never settle for less than you're worth.

"I'ma shake what my mamma gave me, I'ma shake my money maker."

No. 2 - Sub Urban & Bella Poarch "Inferno"

Released in August 2021 this single comes somewhat out of left field. It features Filipina American singer Bella Poarch who was relatively unknown until her 1st song ("Build A Bitch" from May 2021) took off on Tik Tok, YouTube, & then Spotify. This time, collaborating with American singer & producer Sub Urban, "Inferno" literally spread like wild-fire, and we look forward to what these up-and-coming artists create next.

The song takes its roots from a sexual assault Bella Poarch experienced and just how she wished it had turned out. Check the music video to see what happens to the 2 guys in the elevator who have drugged her & now have nefarious designs upon her. This Dark-Pop/Alternative piece is a  gothesque Alice-in-Wonderland track making it ideal for Halloween - it should also serve as a strong reminder to all customers not to sexually harass entertainers in the clubs.

"Baby, I'm the reason why bad's so fun, Hell's so hot oh-so."

No. 1 - Tesher & Jason Derulo "Jalebi Baby"

First released in November 2020 by Canadian rapper & producer Tesher, it was then re-released in May 2021 as a collaboration with American singer, producer, dancer & actor Jason Derulo. The song is mostly in English with some Punjabi but musically it is a real fusion of styles: Bollywood, Latin, Rap, Dance, Arabic & Pop. 

Jalebi is the name of a sweet dessert snack (a flat deep-fried dough in a spiral shape which is soaked in sugar syrup) popular from countries of North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and the ancient countries of what were: Mesopotamia, Persia, & the Ottoman Empire. Jalebi is also a slang name for a female you are "sweet" on - and this is what the song is all about - with lots of "double-entendre" references. The accompanying fun video shows two waiters vying for the affections of a "Sweetie".

"Baby, let me see it (Jalebi Baby). I just wanna eat it (Jalebi Baby)."

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