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"A View to a Kill"

By Duran Duran

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9th August 2021

The last big hit by 1980's British New Wave band Duran Duran. In this single from May 1985, their electro synth pop music is given an orchestral rock feel, as it was written especially for the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill". This was the 14th Bond film and was the last one made with Roger Moore as the titular character. The song reached No. 1 in 7 countries (including the USA & Canada) an gained a top ten position in 11 other countries (including the UK).

The opening credits, like most of the Bond films, is particularly sexy (see above). However, for Bond fans here are some of the movies highlights - with Christopher Walken as the villain and Grace Jones as his "Henchman":

There have been quite a few cover versions made of this song, every thing from cool jazz to heavy metal, and even with a Bossa nova thrown in between them. None are really memorable and for us it's a remix (in lieu of a 12" single that wasn't released by Duran Duran) by Art of Noise, that really stands out:

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