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"Bring Me To Life"

By Evanescence

Last Updated: 

1st November 2021

Released in April 2003 "Bring Me to Life" was the debut single, and break out song, for American (Metal/Hard/Alternative) Rock band Evanescence. The single hit the top 10 in 18 countries, including topping the charts in Australia, Italy, the UK and the US, and remains their biggest selling and overall signature song for the band. It's also close to having 1 billion views on YouTube:

Many have tried to cover this song, and plenty have come close to being as good, but it really is difficult to surpass. One cover, putting it into more of a Ballard, is the 2009 release by Katherine Jenkins (a classically trained singer from Wales):

Despite the covered versions, the song has typically been modified to different genres of music, like Jenkins' Ballard above. Here's a remix by Alex Poison into an EDM/House track:

Just for some extra interest, this is what the song sounds like when played by a String Quartet:

Finally here's a very good pole dance to this song, by French pole fitness instructor Elodie Padovani:

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