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"Hot In Herre"

By Nelly

Last Updated: 

24th June 2021

From the album "Nellyville" this single was released in April 2002 by American rapper Nelly. It hit the No.1 spot in the USA & Canada, and the top 10 in 11 other countries, earning a Grammy for Best Male Rap Solo Performance in 2003. It is because of this song. if someone says, "it's getting hot in here," it's difficult not to respond back, "So take off all your clothes".

The song has been covered by a few artists and used in TV shows, commercials and films. Our favorite is by Tiga (aka James Sontag, a Canadian musician, DJ & music producer) as an electro-pop song, in 2003:

Just in case you missed it..."Hot in Herre" was sampled and used at the beginning of "Buss It" by Erica Banks in June 2020.

Did you know? The lyrics to "Hot in Herre," contain the phrase "I feel like bustin' loose," which is a direct reference to Chuck Brown's 1979 song "Bustin' Loose":

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