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"I Want Candy"

By The Strangeloves

Last Updated: 

24th July 2021

Written by and performed by The Strangeloves, "I Want Candy" was released in 1965. It's a Rock 'n' Roll style song with a recognizable "Bo Diddley Beat". It only hit the top ten in Canada and just missed in the USA reaching No. 11:

The song was covered by UK band Bow Wow Wow in 1982, fronted by the then 15-y-o Burmese singer Anabella Lwin. Unsurprisingly, there was a reasonable degree of controversy with the naked image of the underage Annabella being used on the cover of the single:

While it had only moderate success in the charts, it has become a British New Wave classic. 

In 1996 the song was covered by the Candy Girls duo, giving it a strong upbeat Electro-Pop vibe:   

USA singer Aaron Carter released this as a single in 2000 and has been the least successful of all the charted covers. whereas, arguably the most successful, has been the 2007 release of "I Want Candy" by ex-Spice Girl Melanie C. It reached No.9 in Italy, Denmark & Scotland and No.7 in the UK. The slinky leather cat suit in the video, no doubt helped with it receiving 200,000 YouTube views on the 1st day of it's release:

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