Strip Club Music Classics

"It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

By James Brown

Last Updated: 

24th March 2023

Written by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome, it was released & performed by James Brown in 1966. Although it's chart positioning across the globe was limited (in the top 100 in 5 countries, including No.8 in the US) it's message and seductive quality has made it an enduring song. It's R&B genre, with slow tempo, doesn't readily fit the "Strip club classic" nomenclature, However it's powerful resonance makes it ideal for a specific feature set or for the beginning/closing times at a club:

In this day and age the message of the song may seem misplaced. However, when equality between the genders is still far from reality, it's fair to say men are still at a much greater advantage compared to women (making the flippancy of the lyrics still ring true). Whether it's the message, the music, or a combination of both the song has been covered so many times by so many people (too many to mention here). Here's our pick of covers (which unconsciously is comprised of all female singers), starting with Joss Stone from 2003:

Christina Aguilera at the 2007 Grammy Awards (which was voted at the 3rd most memorable Grammy performance of all time):

And, Jurnee Smollett-Bell in 2020:

Besides the covers performed, it has also been sampled and included in other songs too, utilizing the beat, riffs and general feeling of the original. This includes the fantastic 2001 debut song "Fallin'", by Alicia keys:

One of the most fascinating aspects in the approach to this song is the reaction to it from the female perspective. This is powerfully brought to life by the "response" or "answer" made by Neneh Cherry, in her 1996 song "Woman":

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