Strip Club Music Classics

"Long Train Runnin'/Running"

By The Doobie Brothers

Last Updated: 

10th June 2021

Released in 1973, this Rock/Blues//Pop/Disco song did favorably, reaching number 8 in both the US and Canadian charts (& No. 10 in the Netherlands). Ever since, it's been a continuing "slow burner", churning in the background making it a classic from the 1970's:

In 1993, the song was remixed and re-released, doing particularly well in the UK (reaching No.7). It has a stronger nightclub feel to it, as well as providing greater sound clarity, and we love it:

For those who prefer more of a EDM style, check out the Groove Motion Re-edit from 2013:

The song has been covered by a slew of artists across the years. Traks, an Italian band, released this as a single in 1982 giving it a greater rock feel:

The British trio-girl band Bananarama covered "Long Train Running" in 1991, making it more of a pop song (with Spanish influence):

To really get the 1973 period feel of this song (pre-Saturday Night Fever), have a look at this extended version, with a wealth of dance moves & trendy clothes from the time:

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