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By Benny Benassi

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2nd May 2022

Released in June 2002, this techno single from the album "Hypnotica" is the best-selling record by Italian DJ Benny Benassi. It reached the top 10 in 6 European countries but did best in the Dance charts: Australia & the UK, where it reached No.1, and No.11 in the USA. The original video was replaced with a sexy rendition depicting women in skimpy construction clothing, using a variety of (mostly) power tools, which gained a greater degree of interest and notoriety:

The song has been used in several advertisements, numerous video games, on TV in an episode of "Beavis & Butthead", and in the 2004 American comedy film "White Chicks". It has also been used in several other songs. It was sampled in the opening of "Ultimate Satisfaction" by Ludacris in 2006:

The 2008 song "Move Shake Drop" by DJ Laz (Featuring: Flo Rida, Casely & Pitbull) uses the beat to "Satisfaction" quite successfully:

In 2009 the above-mentioned Flo Rida released his album R.O.O.T.S. which included a track called "Touch Me". This song featuring Ke$ha, uses elements of "Satisfaction", including the "Touch me" from the recurring line "Push me and then touch me till I can get my satisfaction":

The song has been subject to a number of remixes (official or not). This includes, The Weeknd & Benny Benassi Lefthand Mashup called "Blinding Satisfaction" (from May 2021):

and... The Weeknd & Benny Benassi Tik Tock Mashup of When You Touch Me from SICKICK (in December 2021):

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