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"Shake A Tail Feather"

By Five Du-Tones

Last Updated: 

18th September 2021

This Rock/Blues song was written and first performed by the Five Du-Tones in 1963. Although it didn't quite make it into the top 50 in the US:

The song was covered by James & Bobby Purify in 1967, and this time the song reached No. 28 in the US charts. It is probably because of this, some people erroneously believe, they were the originators of this song.

There have been plenty of cover versions of this song, including Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, the Magnetics, the Romantics and Ike & Tina Turner (from their album 1968 "So Fine" & revised for the 1993 film of Tina Turner's life "What's Love Got To Do With It"). Arguably the most famous cover has been by the legendary Ray Charles, for the 1980 comedy musical film "The Blues Brothers" (starring Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi):

Talking of films, this song was also used for the sound track of the 2005 animated movie "Chicken Little". The Cheetah Girls did the cover and made it into a more modern day pop song:

However, do not mistake "Shake Ya Tailfeather" from the 2003 action comedy film "Bad Boys II". This is a completely different Rap/Hip Hop/Latin song by P. Diddy (Ft. Nelly & Murphy Lee): 

Bonus facts: "Shake A Tail Feather" refers to the real life nature of many male birds who, with their beautiful flamboyant plumage, do exactly this as part of the attraction & mating ritual with female birds. This is particularly common in the order of Galliformes (which includes over 290 species of birds like Chickens, Turkeys, Peacocks, Partridges, Pheasants, Grouse etc.) and gets it name from the Ancient Latin "Gallus" which means "Cockerel".

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