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"9pm (Till I Come)"


Last Updated: 

17th May 2021

Released on 26th October 1998 in Germany, by German electronic dance music producer ATB, it went on to become the biggest dance anthem of 1999 in the Western world. The sexy vocals are by Yolanda Rivera and was a top 20 hit in 11 countries, including a no.1 hit in the UK (the first trance record ever to do so).

The original song has spawned over 50 different versions and has been a feature of many other people's remixes, including this Marc Rivera remix:

It has also been covered by other musicians but perhaps the most notable has got to be the full orchestral version, done at the 2015 BBC Proms in the UK:

 A new version of the song "Your Love (9pm)" by ATB, German producer Topic, and Swedish singer A7S was released on 15 January 2021. This managed to hit no.1 in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Serbia, and made the top 10 in a total of 14 countries worldwide.

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