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"All About That Bass"

by Meghan Trainor

Last Updated: 

13th July 2022

American singer/songwriter Meghan Trainer released this as her debut single, from her debut EP "Title" in 2014, and subsequently on her debut album (also called "Title") in 2015. It's fair to say this was a runaway success, hitting the no.1 spot in over 17 countries (including USA, UK, Canada, & Australia), becoming a top ten hit in another 16 countries (including France & Japan), plus hitting over 2.5 billion views on YouTube:

Here she is doing a nice acoustic rendition of the song:

This song has been covered by Post Modern Jukebox several times, gaining millions of views, giving it a 1940s jazz feel (in several different ways) on both occasions:

There have been very few covers or remixes of note i.e., that change the song with an emphasis that makes us want to sit up and take note. However, Power Music Workout (yep, for fitness work outs) made a pop/dance cover of All About That Bass - which hit no.13 in the UK charts in 2018:

The success of Meghan Trainor's song should speak for itself, but some criticism has been leveled so, here's a Parady of the song which pretty much encapsulates the negative points made. It's important to remember it is simply a pop song that is meant to uplift rather than offend - we'll leave you to make your own final judgement as to whether this is fair or not:

Now, for the star War fans out there, this fun Parady is the one to go to - "All About that Base (No Rebels)" by Team Unicorn:

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