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"Barbie Girl"

By Aqua

Last Updated: 

6th March 2022

Danish Europop/dance band released this parody song in 1997, as the 3rd single from their debut album "Aquarium". It was an unexpected hit across the world gaining No.1 in over a dozen countries (including the UK), and hitting the top ten in over half a dozen more countries (including the No.7 spot in both the USA & Canada):

The song has been covered a few times, including Brazilian Kelly Key (recorded a Portuguese language version) in 2005; Samanda (identical twin sisters Samantha & Amanda Marchant) in 2007; South Korean singer Jessica Jung (formally from Girl's Generation aka SNSD) in 2011; and a heavy metal cover by Norwegian musician & producer Leo Moracchioli in 2015.

It was also covered in 2017 by American Tori V and proved a big hit on YouTube, with almost 250 million views to date. This helped propel her into the career of a Pop Singer, and her first album was debuted in 2018.

In 2013 Barbie Girl was used by Ludacris in his song "Party Girls":

There have also been a few parodies of the parody.

Fictional virtual reality bubblegum pop group Caramella Girls (a formation by two former members of a Swedish band Caramell 1992 - 2008) released "Candy Girl" in 2016:

Ava Max created an altered version of this song in 2018, a powerful anti-barbie girl rendition titled "Not Your Barbie Girl":

Finally, and purely as just a bit of fun. Here's American Ballroom and Showdance couple Alexander & Veronika Voskalchuk showing how you can incorporate a song like Barbie Girl into their world.

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