Strip Club Music Classics

"Because The Night"

By Patti Smith

Last Updated: 

2nd January 2022

Bruce Springstein had started writing this song but, was struggling to complete it and, was persuaded to let up-and-coming Patti Smith try it. It was released in 1978 by the Patti Smith Group (on their 3rd album "Easter") and has been credited in bringing her commercial recognition & success (Springstein & Smith gaining co-writing credits).

Although not a runaway hit at the time (breaching the top 20 in 6 countries, including No.13 in the US), it has proved to be an enduring song. It has gained much critical acclaim, with Patti Smith often being cited as one of the top female rock artists of all time.

This song has been covered numerous times and here are some of our favorites. In 1993, a very pleasant and enticing cover by 10,000 Maniacs was released, reaching No.11 in the US (a slightly better chart position compared to the original).

A favorite cover played in some strip clubs, which also uses samples from "Master & Servant" by Depeche Mode, is by Italian dance group Co.Ro (Ft. Taleesa). Released in 1992 as an EDM/Dance track, it became quite popular in Europe (hitting the top 10 in 5 European countries, including No.1 in Spain).

An interesting cover by German Eurodance trio Cascada (Spanish for "waterfall"), fronted by singer Natalie Horler, was released in 2008. It significantly increases the tempo of the song and includes a deep base line, familiar to Eurodance/Pop hits of this time (hardstyle old school electronic music).

For those who like the original feel of the song, Garbage & Screaming Females did a very cool solid rock cover of this in 2019.

Finally, here are a couple of modern-day EDM dance track versions of this song; Nadine (2020) and SUD & Behmer (2021).

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