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"Candy Shop"

By 50 Cent

Last Updated: 

4th April 2022

Released in 2005, this was the 2nd song from his second album (The Massacre) and become 50 Cent's third No. 1 USA hit song. The critics viewed it as a rehash of "Magic Stik" but it has unmistakable Arabian/Middle Eastern influence (with thanks to producer Scott Storch) that helps make it stand out. Achieving the top spot in 5 countries and the top ten in another 12 counties, the critics couldn't prevent this from becoming an instant classic: 

Gemmy Frogz are famous for using rap songs for their frog toys and in 2006 they created an edition which used "Candy Shop". The song was also sung by Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band, in a ballard-esque version, for the 2009 American comedy "The Hanover":

Check out this rockabilly cover of "Candy Shop" by German band "The Baseballs" from 2011:

An interpolated version of this song by Pop Smoke was released in 2020 called "The Woo". It features Roddy Ricch & 50 Cent, who also produced the song:

Have a look at these choreography videos, for some hot moves:

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