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"Can't Get You Out of My Head"

by Kylie Minogue

Last Updated: 

14th September 2022

This track was written and produced by two British songwriters Rob Davis (former guitarist & songwriter for 1960s/70s glam rock group "Mud") and Cathy Dennis (a singer with a few hits including "Touch Me (All Night Long)," and who also wrote "Toxic" for Britney Spears, and "I Kissed a Girl" for Katy Perry). The song was first offered to, and declined by, British pop group "S Club 7," and then British singer "Sophie Ellis-Baxter. Interestingly, the song has no verses, simply consisting of a chorus, a bridge, and lots of "la la la"! Apparently, it took Kylie Minogue only 20 seconds listening to it to decide she wanted to record it.

"Can't get you out of my head" was released in 2001, by the Australian singer, songwriter, & actress "Kylie", as the lead single from her 8th album "Fever". It hit the no.1 spot in 40 countries but only got to no.7 in the USA (possibly the only top 10 hit of hers in the states?). Dubbed the "Princess of Pop," she has continually matured across her 30+ years in the music industry and has a similar career history to Miley Cyrus (image what a continuing to develop Miley could be like in 20 years' time!).

There have been a few revisions made to the song for tours. This includes a rock style version for the 2011 "Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour":

A slower, darker verion for the 2014-15 "Kiss Me Once Tour":

And an acoustic version for her 2018-19 "Golden Tour:

There have been very few notable covers of this song. There's the live performance by Coldplay at the 2005 UK Glastonbury Music Festival (Kylie did a live duet with Coldplay in 2022 too), the slow atmospheric ballad by "Glimmer of Blooms" from 2016, and the remake called "Think About" from 2019 by UggA:

It was also covered by Canadian folk singer/songwriter Julie Title in a 2019 advert for the Mazda 3:

In Spring 2022 there was an official remix made of the song by Peggy Gou, a Korean born German residing DJ & record Producer, referred to as the "Peggy Gou Midnight Remix":

Of course, there have been plenty other remixes made for this track too, and our favorites are the 2016 Scylla remix, K&M's Mindprint Mix from 2016, the Ayur Tsyrenov 2001 remix, the Chris Newman & Snay 2022 edit, and the 2022 MOAM remix: 

Finally, and purely for the fun of diversity, here's this song played by string quartet "Stringspace":

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