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"Can't Take My Eyes Off (of) You"

aka "I Love You Baby"

by Frankie Valli

Last Updated: 

12th October 2022

Written by the songwriting duo Bob Crewe & Bob Guadio (who wrote most of the big hits for the Four Seasons), it was released by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons in 1967. It proved a reasonable hit in North America, gaining the no.2 spot in both the USA & Canada, and since has gone on to become a recurring hit with a bounty of cover versions and film soundtracks:

There are too many cover versions to list, but here's a range of notable ones. The Lettermen, an all-male American pop trio covered this song in 1967, followed by the prolific American crooner Andy Williams in 1968 (as a top ten hit in the UK & Ireland). In 2002 Andy Williams made a new version with English singer, dancer, actress, & presenter Denise van Outen:

British Singer Engelbert Humperdinck (another famous crooner) made a cover of this for his 3rd album in 1968. However, "Disco" came along, and several faster beat versions were Maureen McGovern (American Broadway actress & singer) in 1979; and Boys Town Gang (an American LBGTQ focused band ft. Cynthia Manley) in 1982 which hit the no. 1 spot in 3 European countries; Gloria Gaynor covered this song on her 1991 album "Gloria Gaynor"; and Dutch duo Tatjana Simic & Gerard Joling covered this in 1991 (it even has a bit of rap in it):

There's a "guest appearance" of this song, in the cover of U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" by the Pet Shop Boys (1991); and in 2019 newcomer Surf Mesa ft. Emilee Flood covered this song, creating a perfect "heating up" or "Cooling down" club track retitled "ILY (I Love You Baby)", which became a top 40 hit in over 30 countries; and in 2020 Puerto Rican singer Chesca & American rapper Pitbull released "Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby"):

This song has been used in a variety of films, too many to mention them all so, here's a selection. It was played in a bar scene from the 1978 Vietnam war story "The Deer Hunter" (starring Robert De Nero, Christopher Walken, & John Savage); It was used in the 1993 comedy sci-fi movie "Coneheads" (starring Dan Akroyd); And a completely new version by American rapper, songwriter, & actress Lauryn Hill was used in the 1997 American political thriller "Conspiracy Theory" (starring Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts):

Australian actor Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008) sang this song himself in the American1999 teen rom com movie "Ten Things I Hate About You"; The Andy Williams version of this song was used in the 2001 rom com "Bridget Jones's Diary"; and a mash up of genres was used in the 2005 comedy superhero film "Son of The Mask" (a standalone sequel to "The Mask" from 1994):

No doubt people are too busy making covers, because there aren't many remixes but, here's our pick. A simple but effective remix of the Boys Town Gang version (although we have no idea of by whom, or when it was made); and a remix from 2014 by Seo Young Suk, is perhaps less effective but the video may make up for any deficiencies:

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