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"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

By Rod Stewart

Last Updated: 

8th January 2022

Rod Stewart released this in November 1978, from his 9th album (of 32, so far) "Blondes Have More Fun". It reached the No.1 spot in 6 countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia and has remained an ever-popular song since. It was a popular song at Disco's, but this pop song has clear rock and blues influences, familiar to much of Stewart's music. It makes use of the melody from "Taj Mahal" by Jorge Ben Jor (1976), and an arrangement from "(If You Love Me) Put Something Down On It" by Bobby Womack (1975).

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? has been covered many times across the years, the following are a few of our chosen favorites. In 1997 N-Trance released a big selling EDM/Euro-Dance version of the song. It hit the top ten in 10 countries, including the No.1 spot in New Zealand, and was used in the 1998 American comedy film "A Night at The Roxbury".

Pop act Girls of FHM (created by FHM Magazine) covered this song in 2004, making it into a "speeded-up" dance track, with lots of appropriate gloss of course:

Canadian singer-actress Ima (singer), aka IMA, released a stylish pop cover of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" in March 2011:

Rod Stewart released a remix of the song in 2017, with American Dance-Rock band DNCE. It only did moderately well in the charts, which really understates this perfectly good single.

It only goes to show you can't predict what will become the Tik Tok trend of 2021/22 for this song and the dance moves:

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