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"Fat Bottomed Girls"

by Queen

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29th June 2022

Written by their lead guitarist Brian May, "Fat Bottomed Girls" is a double A-sided single (with "Bicycle Race") released in 1978 by British rock band "Queen". The singles original cover art featured a completely nude female on a bike, but this had to be amended by "adding" bikini bottoms to the figure:

The tracks come from their 7th album "Jazz" (1978) and both also appear on their "Greatest Hits" album (1981). Making gold in the UK and double platinum in the USA, it didn't reach high chart acclaim being a top 20 hit in 8 countries (no.11 in the UK & no.24 in the US) but, it's reasonably unique message for that time has certainly kept it being played ever since: 

The song was remastered in 2011:

"Fat Bottomed Girls" was used for the opening credits of the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" by Martin Spurlock:

The track has been used in a few TV shows including American medical drama "Nip/Tuck"; American sitcom "My Name is Earl"; British comedy "Father Ted"; and American musical comedy-drama "Glee" where they produced this cover:

There have been plenty of cover versions made and the following are some of our favorites. In 2002 "Kevin Fowler" recorded a country version of this song for his album "High on the Hog" but, for a real difference, here's "Hayseed Dixie" from their 2002 album "A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love":

For the 2005 tribute album "Killer Queen", all female New York rock band "Antigone Rising" covered this track:

American rock 'n' roll trio "Small Town Titans" produced this cover in 2019:

Finally, and purely for fun, here's a biblical parody from 2018, called "Bad Foreign Girls" by ApologetiX: 

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