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"Get It On" aka "Bang A Gong"

by T-Rex

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21st September 2022

Heralded as the pioneers of Glam Rock, British band T-Rex released "Get it on" in 1971 (from their second album "Electric Warrior"). The song hit no.1 in the UK, no.10 in the USA (where it's known as "Bang A Gong"), no.12 in Canada, and no.14 in Australia. Check out this Christmas special video with Elton John on piano (he wasn't part of the band, he was there to record for one of his songs, and they all thought it would be fun to include him):

The bands front man Marc Bolan (who tragically died in a motor vehicle accident in 1977, at age 29) credits the song's 12 bar Blues riff to Chuck Berry's 1959 song "Little Queenie" (giving rise to this music style also being known as "Boogie Rock"):

More detailed background on the band and this track in particular (including some technical musical aspects) can be found here:

Canadian music producers Peter Alves & Gino Soccio created a disco cover of this track in 1979, titled "Bang a gong", and under the guise of a studio group called "Witch Queen". Here's an extended and remastered version of this: 

"Get it on" was covered in 1985 by British-American band The Power Station (consisting of members such as Robert Palmer plus John & Andy Taylor from Duran Duran) which charted at no.8 in Australia, no.9 in the USA, no.15 in Canada, and no.22 in the UK:

There have been a few live covers for the song, most notably Blondie, Billy Idol, U2/Bono & Elton John, plus Def Leppard (who titled their 12th album, "Diamond Star Halos," directly from the lyrics of "Get it on"):

Lastly, in 2000 the vocals were sampled for British rap dance band "Bus Stop" (aka "London Bus Stop" in the USA). Their song, "Get it on (Bang a Gong)," sadly only charted at no.59 in the UK, and we believe they deserved more airtime:

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