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"Gimme All Your Lovin'"

by ZZ Top

Last Updated: 

15th June 2022

American Rock band ZZ Top, with their iconic long beards, have been going strong for half a decade with very little change (until the death of bassist Dusty Hill in 2021). Amongst their many songs is this one from 1983 - the first single to be released from their 1983 "Eliminator" album. It didn't fair particularly well in the charts (No. 37 in the USA, No. 10 in the UK), nor in its re-release in 1999, but it has endured as a classic rock track:

The track was remastered for ZZ Top's "Goin' 50" album in 2019:

In 1994 Jocelyn Brown & Kim Mazelle covered this track, giving it a 1990's dance beat and using a sample from "A Deeper Love" by C & C Music Factory (1991): 

American singer/songwriter Martay covered this track in 1999, as "Gimme all Your Lovin' 2000", and Ft. ZZ Top. It has a Dance/Rap/Rock/R&B fusion vibe!

A few American Rock bands have recorded this track as a tribute to ZZ Top, including Lonestar in 2002, and Filter in 2011:

Despite cries from traditional purists (we feel you), check out this relatively unknown cover of the song by Rapid Nation (2021):

Finally, and just for fun. Here's the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain playing "Gimme All Your Lovin"". 

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