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"Girl on Fire"

by Alicia Keys

Last Updated: 

15th November 2022

Released in 2012, "Girl on Fire" was the lead single from the 5th album (of the same name), by American singer/songwriter Alicia Keys. Despite just how powerful this song is, it had difficulty hitting the top spot in all, but a few countries (Austria, Slovakia, & South Korea), yet successfully managed to be a top 10 hit in over 20 countries:

The song uses a drum beat from an uncharted 1980 song, "The Big Beat," by American rock musician Billy Squier. Interestingly, this particular 1980s track has been sampled over 300 times. and is very popular with hip hop tracks. Billy Squier is accredited on "Girl on Fire" accordingly:

R & B song "Girl on Fire" was released at the same time as two other official remixed versions - the "Inferno" remix (a rap/dance version, ft. Nicki Minaj and includes additional lyrics); and the "Bluelight" remix (a slower bare-bones version):

There are some unofficial remixes too. Here are two reggae genre versions we like - the J-vibe Reggae Remix (2013), and the Stavros Martina & Kevin D 2K18 Remix:

The song has been covered a few times, many on musical singing contest reality shows. However, here are a few of our favorite covers:

American singer, actress and model Naya Rivera (1987 - 2020) performed this cover in 2013, as the character Santana Lopez, for the 4th season of the American TV show "Glee."

German singer and Youtuber Nicole Cross made an acoustic version in 2013.

American pop singer Halsey, as the wolf character "Porsha Crystal," sang "Girl on Fire" in the 2021 animated comedy musical "Sing 2" (and subsequent soundtrack).

There have been a few hilarious cover parodies made - in 2013, titled "Boy is a Bottom," a homosexual version by drag queens Willam Belli, Detox, and Vicky Vox; this was followed by a Spanish version, "Es Una Pasiva," by William Belli in 2015; and "Butt on Fire" by Lisa Schwartz from 2021:

Lastly, let's finish up with some dance moves:

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