Strip Club Music Classics

"Girls, Girls, Girls"

by Motley Crue

Last Updated: 

27th July 2022

Released in 1987, from their 4th album with the same title, "Girls, Girls, Girls" is an iconic song by American rock (metal) band Motley Crue. Its chart success was limited, hitting no.12 in the US, no.26 in the UK, and no.43 in Australia: 

The premise of the song is needing girls on a Friday night and the best place being the strip club. The music video was shot in the Seventh (7th) Veil strip club in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California (which is still operating today). The song lyrics also makes mention of this club, along with another half a dozen, with 2 versions of the video created - the clean one (above), and an uncensored one (below), with some topless images (only viewable on YouTube):

The song was remastered in 2021:

Besides being immortalized on the 80s Rocks Tracks for the music video game "Guitar Hero", it has left us with the classic neon sign too:

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