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"I See You Baby (Shakin' That Ass)"

By Groove Armada

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1st June 2022

Released in 1999 this had a relatively sedate effect on the global main charts (No. 17 in the UK, and No.11 in Australia) but did better in the Dance charts (No. 3 in Canada, No. 6 in the UK, and No. 12 in the USA). British electronic music duo Groove Armada used "Gram'ma Funk" for the vocals for this song and its popularity resulted in the single being released a second time in 2004, although major chart success still alluded them (reaching No. 11 in the UK charts):

Around 2000 the song was remixed by Futureshock, which was and still is being used as the theme tune to the American documentary TV show "MTV Cribs" (where they take tours of celebrity's homes):

At least one music critic has written about the songs lack of development, making it a rather sedentary or 1-dimensional track. However, in 2003 the song was remixed by Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Quentin Cook previously from the 1980s UK Indie band The Housemartins), which gained much greater popularity for the song:

It was used in the 2002 American comedy film "The Hot Chick" but its commercial usage is greater. But, for it to be used in advertisements in some markets including the US, the refrain of the song had to be modified to "I see You Baby, Shakin' that Thang". The uncensored Fatboy Slim remix was still used in a few campaigns, including the 2003 Renault Megane car adverts in the UK. These were so successful it was used again in the UK for their updated car model in 2006:

The pinnacle of the Fatboy Slim remix I believe has yet to be surpassed, and this is not simply nostalgia talking. There is a wealth of remixes out there, do check them out, here's a small selection to highlight:

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