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"It's A Sin"

By The Pet Shop Boys

Last Updated: 

4th June 2021

Released in June 1987 this electro-pop song was written as a camp joke, but with it's popularity, has been taken more seriously in reflecting the difficulty of homosexuality and Christian morality. It reached No.1 in 13 countries worldwide (although not in the USA) and was a top 10 hit in a total of 24 countries. It has certainly withstood the test of time and is an anthem to embracing one's sexuality regardless of what society says.

There have been plenty of versions and remixes, although we do like the like the 12" disco version:

In early 2021 a new version was released, by the Pet Shop Boys, called "It's A Sin 2K21 (Mextazume Remix)" and we think this is the best yet! Unfortunately this has been removed from You Tube but there is another similar version:

There is a comedic cover "Cos, Tan, Sin" that we particularly enjoy, no doubt because math at school was just horribly difficult, especially trigonometry: 

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