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"Justify My Love"

by Madonna

Last Updated: 

28th September 2022

Released in 1990 by American singer, songwriter, & actress Madonna, "Justify My Love" was the lead single for her first greatest hits album, "The Immaculate Collection." It was written by Lenny Kravitz, Ingrid Chavez (a protege of Prince), & Madonna, in what is technically house music although due to its sexuality it is sometimes referred to as adult pop. Unusually, the song is not sung but spoken and whispered throughout, a style Chavez performed. The track hit the no.1 spot in 3 countries (including the USA & Canada) and was a top ten hit in over 15 other countries (achieving no.2 in the UK):

In 1991 Kravitz and Madonna made "The Beast Within" remix (although it has subsequently been considered a track in its own right). The chorus and some lyrics remain but lines from the book of Revelation (in the Christian Bible) have been added:

There are several other official remixes, but we like this one used for the NY Pride Festival in summer 2022, called the Pride 2022 Remix:

Other unofficial remixes include the 2012 Loved Up Remix, the 2021 Assembly Remix, and Gyom's Easy Summer remix 2022

"Justify My Love" has been covered by a few other artists including: 

Front Line Assembly & Delerium - 1990s - (both sung by Canadian singer-songwriter Kirsty Thirsk);

American rapper Vita ft. American R&B singer Ashanti (for the 2001 movie "Fast & Furious");

Who's That Girl (early 2000s);

Brazilian singer & dancer Gretchen (2012), and

Ingrid Chavez (2020).

The song has also been sampled quite a few times. It has been used in:

"Kaleidoscope Skies" by German trance group Jam & Spoon ft. Plavka (1997);

"Stay Out of My Way" by American rapper Ma$e ft. Total (1999);

"Justify My Thug" by American rapper & producer Jay-Z ft. Sharlotte Gibson (2003); and

"Mea Culpa Pt II" (a remix of their original 1991 single) by German new age band Enigma (2013?).

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