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by Prince

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7th September 2022

Written, composed, and produced by the famous American musician "Prince" (1958 - 2016), "Kiss" was released in 1986, as the lead single from his 8th album "Parade." Considered as one of his finest songs, it hit the No.1 spot in the USA and was a top ten hit in over 11 other countries:

Plenty of people have covered this song but there have only been two chartable successes. British alternative rock band Age of Chance, covered "Kiss" in late 1986, hitting No.1 in the UK Indie charts:

British Electronic Pop group "Art of Noise" covered the song, using famous Welsh singer "Tom Jones," in 1988. It hit the No.1 spot in New Zealand & Spain, plus managed a top ten placing in 8 other countries (only reaching No. 31 in the USA):

There are a few remixes to be found but most stick closely to the Art of Noise version. In 2021, DJ Martyn did a techno remix of the Tom Jones version of Kiss:

Enjoy these dance moves to the Tom Jones cover:

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