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"My Humps"

By the Black Eyed Peas

Last Updated: 

24th March 2022

From their 4th Album "Monkey Business", this song began gaining airtime even before it was officially released in September 2005 (the 3rd single released from the album). It's a duet between Will I Am & Fergie, explaining how a female uses her lady humps (breasts & buttocks), to get what she wants. This Hip Hop/Eletro-Pop/Dance song reached No.1 in 4 countries and hit the top 10 in ten other countries: 

A notable feature of the song is the use of a top line synth sequence, that repeats throughout the song. This is a sample from the 1983 record "I Need a Freak", by American Rap/Electro band Sexual Harassment:

This song has been remixed a few times and occasionally covered by other artists too. Although intended as a joke (for April Fools), Alanis Morrisette made a parody of the song as a slowed down ballad...which we are led to believe Fergie likes and thinks is genius:

More recently, October 2021, Joshwa & Lee Foss released a stronger Dance/EDM version of this song:

Right from the get-go, "My Humps" became a strong anthem for dance (& twerking) with the opportunity for great choreography:

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