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"Perfect 10"

by The Beautiful South

Last Updated: 

8th November 2022

This is the first single from the 6th album ("Quench") by British pop rock band The Beautiful South. It's European release in 1998 provided moderate success, becoming a top ten hit in the Scotland, Ireland, and overall, in the UK (reaching the no.2 spot). The "Perfect 10" does not relate to being a "10 out of 10" but refers to the British dress size "10" (the equivalent of an "8" in the US, or a "38" in Europe). Perhaps this "lack of translation" outside of the UK accounts for the song being cloistered to the British Isles. The song itself is funny because it's lyrical referencing goes back and forth between female dress size (male vocals) and male penis size (female vocals):

This song was remastered in 2022:

This is a useful song to have for Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) Contests/Parties.

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