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"Quien Sera" aka "Sway"

by Pablo Beltrain Ruiz

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20th July 2022

¿Quién será? (Spanish for "Who Will it Be?") is a mambo instrumental written by Mexican composers, Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltrain Ruiz. It was first recorded by the Pablo Beltrain Ruiz orchestra in 1953:

American lyricist Norman Gimbel (1927 - 2018) - known for songs like "Killing Me Softly" & "The Girl from Ipanema" - wrote English words to the melody. In 1954 this was recorded by American singer, actor and comedian Dean Martin (1917 - 1995), and under the new title "Sway," was a success (hitting No.6 in the UK charts and No.15 in the USA):

Since this time, the song has been covered by hundreds of artists across the decades, making it impossible to list here. However, here are a few favorites. A Spanish version recorded in 1960 by Connie Francis, plus Rosemary Clooney, with Perez Prado, recorded this in 1960 too:

Bobby Rydell also recorded this song in 1960 but it was "redone" as a disco version in 1976:

Michael Buble recorded this for his debut album in 2003, as did the Pussy Cat Dolls for their debut album in 2005:

Our top cover choice is "(Mucho Mambo) Sway" by British electronic duo Shaft. First released in 1999 it hit the top ten in over 10 countries (including no.1 in New Zealand, no.2 in the UK, and no.4 in Canada) but only reached no.41 in the US dance charts. It was remixed in 2009 but the original is best:

Sway has also been used in a few movies. This includes Actor Brent Spiner singing it in the 1997 American rom com "Out to Sea", and actress Jennifer Connelly singing it in the 1998 American/Australian neo-noir sci-fi movie "Dark City":

The 2005 American rom com "The Wedding Date," the 2008 French film "Paris," 2008 American/British romantic drama "The Revolutionary Road." and the 2010 American/Canadian sci-fi movie "Repo Men"

It's also in the 2020 American female led action/adventure/comedy/crime DC Comics superhero film "Harley Quinn: Bird of Prey." Saweetie & GALXARA created a fabulous version of this song for the soundtrack, retitled "Sway with Me", using pop and Hip Hop without losing too much of the Latin feel:

Let's finish with some clothes swaying to the 1999 Mucho Mumbo vibes, and some 2005 pussy cat chair acro:

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