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"S & M"

by Rhianna

Last Updated: 

24th August 2022

Barbadian singer Rihanna released "S & M" in late 2010 (UK) and early 2011 (USA). It was her fourth single from her 5th album "Loud" (2010). It was praised for its musicality but there were heavy (mainstream) criticisms for it's overt sexuality, including the sadomasochism, bondage, and other fetish themes. No wonder the video for this song was banned in over 12 countries. Despite this/Because of this (you pick), "S & M" hit the no.1 spot in 10 countries (including Australia, Canada, & the USA), and was a top 10 hit in another 20 countries:

The song was remixed in 2011, for the Billboard Music Awards, and featured Britney Spears:

This also spawned a Britney Spears solo version of "S & M":

When it comes to remixes, we like - the Dave Aude Club mix from 2011, the Hi-NRG M4CSON Bootleg 2022, and the smooth Davuiside remix from the late spring of 2022:

This track was used in an episode of the TV Police show "Hawaii-5-0" in 2011, and was used as part of a "Riff Raff" medley in the 2012 American musical comedy "Pitch Perfect":

Have a look at these sexy dance moves:

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