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By Justin Timberlake

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24th June 2021

Justin Timberlake released this song, from his 2nd album "Future Sex/Love Sounds" (where it listed featuring Timbaland), in July 2006. Dubbed as Electro-R&B, this R&B song manages to rub shoulders with other genres including Pop, Dance/EDM, Hip Hop & Rock, and for some feels like a cross between James Brown & David Bowie. The song managed to hit the No.1 spot in 9 countries (& the top ten in 11 other countries), helping it garner Grammy and MTV Music Awards in 2007. As at July 2020 it had sold 17 million copies worldwide.

We like the Space Rangers Remix, which provides for a classic EDM track:

For some sexy choreographed dance routines to this song, check these out:

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